Friday, April 30, 2010

April list update.

Phew! Another month down..  not too far off half way now, but still a way to go!

In April I intended to do numbers:  4, 17, and 24.

Half of numbers: 6, 10, 15, 16
And carry on with 18, 23 and 30.

1. Fit into my favourite summer top. - Nope, no way.
2. Sew myself at least one DRESS. - Done!
3. Knit myself a cardigan I love. - Have chosen the pattern.
4. Make Abraham a hoodie. - Done! Pictures coming soon.
5. Start sewing to sell again.  - Started this month!
6. List GIANT pile of thing on Trademe. - Everything still ready and waiting for me to start.
7. Print the majority of our photos. - Still waiting for a sale.
8. Plant a vege garden.Done in februrary Yay!
9. Go to the movies. - Done in March
10. Back up our photos on hardrive/ preserve fruit, make jam.   Done in April.
11. Start blogging again. 01/01
12. Get business cards. - Having them designed and getting quotes.
13. Buy 2 pairs of decent shoes. - No progress on this one.
14. Take Aesop to the zoo. - July is the month for this! Waiting on an Auckland-dwelling baby niece or nephew to arrive!
15. Send (at least) 2 parcels to Amy. - Have sent one in Jan and am amassing things for the second.
16. Finish at least 2 duathlon type events. - Done!
17. Sort out entire garage. - Done in April! With thanks to Abraham!
18. Finish yoyo quilt. - Chipping away at it.
19. Earn $1000 through sewing. - $194 down $806 to go. Not too bad for someone whohasn't been sewing til this week!
20. Have a bbq/dinner with over 10 people. - Nope. This might need to be a Winter event.
21. See some live music. - Done Feb.
22. Save over $1000/ have an outdoor movie night - Have found a projector to use but haven't set a date.
23. pay off our laptop and buy a new camera. - Laptop on track to be paid off in June. Awesome!
24. Sew 10 garments for the kids. - 7 down (ottos crawling pants, ewok costume  and a hoodie for aesop, 3x pants for Otto and a vest for Aesop), 3 to go.
25. Knit Aesop a jumper. - Have knit the body, arms will be done post Craft2.0 in June.
26. Make the mix cd to end all mix cds. - Nope. But I have begun the list.
27. Cover the cushions on the window seat. - Nope. Our couch is dying so might need to rethink my fabric choices.
28. Get away for a night without the kids! - Will be the end of the year (read: end of breastfeeding) for this one.
29. Get mentioned in a magazine. - Nope. 
30. Make most of the gifts we give (this year). - A bit of a continuous goal this one. But going really well.

No non-exercising wearing of pants this month.


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  1. Well done! you're really chipping away there, I'm so impressed!