Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boy Style Friday.

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. Then the certainty turned to wishing. So, I've decided I'll still go on ahead and post a Boy Style Friday post anyway. You guys are okay with that, aye?

I tried really hard to get a decent picture of the boys together this week. This was as good as it got. (Don't ask why Aesop is pulling that face.. I asked him to 'smile normally'!)
This was what the boys chose to wear to the scan (or 'see baby, eat lollipop' as Otto refers to it).

Sunglasses - found them on the road.
T-shirt - Cotton On kids via Nana
Shorts - Farmers (1/2 price sale, of course!)
Jandals - The Warehouse.

Otto :
Sunglasses - mine from when I was 12 (and very into Kurt Cobain!)
T-Shirt and pants - made by me.
Jandals - The Warehouse

And because that picture wasn't super awesome, I took a photo of what Otto wore to his homecare yesterday.

Hat - Gifted to Aesop by Mum and Dad's neighbours son, about 5 years ago.
Sunglasses - I think there were my sisters when she was in high school (a little while ago now..)
T-shirt - made by me.
Shorts - T&T via Nana.

And, for good measure, this is what Otto wanted to wear to homecare. It's meant to be for a 9 month old baby, and was one of the very first items of baby clothes I ever owned, before Aesop was even conceived.
Funny little boy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a...

Well, it's a surprise, actually.
The wee one was feeling so shy at the scan this morning that he not only did he or she not reveal a gender, but we didn't even get a peek at a little face!
I have to go back to get a few more measurements in a few weeks (that's normal, right? I hope so!) but not we're thinking it might actually be nice to have a wee surprise. Funny how you can be so sure of something one day, and completely change your mind the next!

So, my big plans to sort through all the baby clothes, and make some room in the closet, has been
foiled. I also won't be splashing out on new gender-biased clothing in the near future! Le sigh.

But really, I've nothing to complain about - I counted two arms, two legs and the right number of everything else. That's far more important than any sorting and shopping I can, or can't, do! Feeling very lucky indeed x

Monday, November 21, 2011

Snippets of my week.

Just popping in with a few wee glimpses of the past week. In no particular order:

Saturday night was our Playcentre 'Wine down' end of year party. We got dressed up, ate curry and had a few giggles. It was a much more, erm, sober event for me this year but I still managed to go to bed entirely too late and am still paying for it!

Last week Aesop's school had their production, to celebrate the opening of their new hall. Aesop had a narrating part and did SO well. He didn't even need his cue cards! Proud as punch!

On Friday I spent part of the day with these lovely ladies. We talked babies, of course.

Santa came early for us this year. My parents, very kindly, bought us a new outdoor table and chairs for Christmas and decided we might as well have them for the pre-xmas bbqs, too. Don't mind if we do, thanks!

I'll probably get in trouble for posting this one, but weekend-morning cuddles are a firm fave in our house. Aesop isn't often keen to take part, but Otto delights in the snuggling.. and the jumping, hiding, joke telling, etc of course!

Today, so far, has consisted of hanging out with Otto Snotto and listing things on Felt. I've finally managed to get a little organised, there are 8 new bags listed and loads of brooches and necklaces relisted. I may be a little biased, but I think they'd make great Christmas gifts : ) Hint hint.

We're off to have our 20-week scan tomorrow, so I might even back be soon to tell you how it goes. I'm not sure why, but I'm very nervous.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pretty things - Part 3.

One of my favourite parts of any home- the kitchen.

'Leave a note'

 I don't think any table is complete without a seersucker table cloth.

 And no elderly persons home seems to be without a lollie jar! There have been Minties in this jar as far back as Abraham can remember.

 This has got to be one of my absolute favourite things in the whole house - the tea storer. The wee bottom piece measures out the tea!

How amazing are those owls?

And, in case any of you are as nosey as I am, I took a few photos of the contents of the cupboards too. I think sometimes the things that aren't on display are equally as awesome as the things that are. I'll have to do a wee extra post sometime with some of the packaging I found in the drawers too, so good.

 There was a whole cupboard full of wine and brandy from as far back as the 60's. Not sure how well sparkling wine ages, but I bet this brandy is pretty awesome.
 Index cards full of 'Handy home hints' and recipes!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A virtual fashion show.

The title of this post could quite easily also be ' Three million awkward pictures of Rhiannon'. Because, frankly, they all seem a little that way. But it's all about the dresses anyway, right?

This one is actually not thrifted, it's from Glassons. I know you can't hear my tone of voice in typing, but if you could there would be a hint of surprise in that sentence. It's been quite awhile since I bought more then singlets from Glassons, the fashion the past few seasons has been unsuited to my body shape as well as to my taste.
I love the way this dress comes up at the sides though, leaving enough fabric at both the front and the back for a bit of modesty. Hoping it should fit right up until the last month or so.

I love the idea of this dress. The print is awesome, the button up front will come in very handy, the length is good.. but those sleeves might need tweaking. It came with shoulder pads (ick!), so the shoulders are cut a little too wide, and I feel like that length of sleeve makes me look a little boxy. Might resew the shoulders and halve the length, methinks.
This one was from an op shop in Te Puke, for a whopping $7.

I feel like this one could do with a little altering, too. The print is very overwhelming so I'm thinking it might be a case of a few inches off the bottom, and slightly shorter sleeves. You reckon?
It'll be more of a post-babe dress anywho, the fabric is a lil heavy for Summer and it's also going to be too snug in the, erm, chest soon.
This one was another from the Te Puke op shop, $6.

Love this one. Dresses like this are pretty much the ideal round-home-and-to-the-supermarket day attire for me. I love the someone has put heavy duty domes with faux-buttons on top, to avoid accidental gapings ( sewing them shut, ala Dee, works great too. But not so much when it comes time for breastfeeding!).
Also from the Te Puke op shop, $6.50

Another non-thrift job. I've been looking for maxi dresses for awhile now, without much success. They all seem to be either a) too flouncy b) a horrendous print or c) too short. This one seems to mostly stay out of those categories, and has a drawstring waist, which will come in handy as the belly grows.
I got it (on special) at Postie, $44.95.

Did you make it through all of that?
If so, I also have a quick question for you. I need a wee bit of advice.
Can/should pregnant woman wear high-wisted skirts? I'm still trying to decide if it works, seeing as, obviously, I'm kind of without a waist at the moment.
They seem to look great from the front, but I wonder if they just look a little 'tenty' from the side?

(Cardi from Abraham's Nana, singlet from Glassons, Belt from The Warehouse, skirt from Abraham's great Aunty and shoes, only in the first picture hah, The Warehouse.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty things - Part 2.

Just a few more snippets of the house today - the next post will be the kitchen (so many photos, so much goodness, so hard to choose which to post!). I might leave that til after the weekend though, and delight (hah!) you with the wee fashion show tomorrow.
(I also have need to ask some fashion advice - put your Gok hats on ready, please.)

 ( Love the little handi-craft things like these flowers - must have taken so long to shape them out of the old chocolate wrappers!)

 (A little bit creepy, but this is another this that must have been pretty magical to look at as young kids!)

 (The phone corner!)

(A blue loo. Such great colour choices. Love it.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty things - Part 1.

 Last week Abraham had a few days off, so we took Aesop out of school (naughty, I know..) and headed to visit my Mother-in-law for a day.
Kaye is living in a house that has been in the family for a long, long time. It belongs to an elderly family member who has recently gone into a home. I think I've mentioned in on my blog before, the place is magical. It is like a museum, with very little touched (or thrown away) since the 50's and 60's.
I asked, and was kindly allowed, to photograph some of the things in the house this visit. I wanted to document it all before any major changes happen!
There are a million photos, but I thought I'd share a few. I'll do it in two or three parts over the next few days, just to keep things interesting. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!

(A rainbow of petticoats, to change the look of the sheer-fabric 50's dresses. Oh my, style was so good back then.)
 (I took a photo of myself in each of the mirrors in the house - I felt like it made the photos more personal, or something.)

(I love that the walls in the hallway are painted lime green - so unexpected!)
 (Yes, a whole room just for pot plants. Apparently there used to be more plants and things, and it would attract lots of little skinks (lizards). Imagine exploring this room as a child!)

 I can't wait to show you more, and also the huge garden that Kaye, and her Partner Chris, have put in. It's got me al inspired to change a few things around here. Hopefully it will inspire you too!