Thursday, October 27, 2011


Top Knotted felted beanie
Hand Knitted Tab Front Top
Merino baby vest
Pretty 'Children at play' sundress!
Wild Ones - Monster Hat

I've started dreaming of things for the new little one.
We have everything we really need, but a few more woollens certainly won't go astray with a mid/end of April bub. Just need to find some money now.
Luckily wishing is free....

(The wee hat/hood in the corner is obviously for the bigger small one, think Otto might need this, or something similar, for Christmas!)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tick, tick, tick.

The hormone-induced crazy has officially set in.
I walked past the window of the op-shop today (after going in, of course.. I can't pass a second hand store by!) and spotted this clock. It's beautiful, right? It had a tag on it that said it worked perfectly, had the winding key etc, and it was even fairly cheap. Any clock lover would have been sold on it.
And that there is the problem, I don't like clocks. I don't like the ticking! I can't stand it, in fact.
(And, to make things worse, this one chimes every fifteen minutes?!)
BUT I knew, the minute I saw it, that I needed this clock. It called my name. It was like fate. And I wasn't going to feel happy until I had it in my sweaty little mitts.

That, my friends, is how I know that the pregnancy insanity seems to have well and truly arrived.

Now that I have this noisy wee clock in my house, I need to figure out quite how on earth to get it to tell me the time. At the moment it seems to tick in double speed, and chimes a different time than it shows. Do of you happen to secretly be clock experts?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Bee.

After a lazy week, I woke up yesterday feeling productive. The most productive I've felt in some time.
I decided it was a good idea to get some baking done for the first week back at school/playcentre, and get a meal or two stocked in the freezer.

Our eating during this first stage of my pregnancy has been horrific, to put it mildly. I have had so many days where I was unable to stomach an evening meal, or even cook one. And as a result there has been a lot of takeout and easy-to-prepare pre-made food through our doors. Our grocery bill has gone up about $20 a week, with much less in the cupboards or freezer to show for it. We've spent more on takeaways each week than we normally would in a fortnight (or even a month, some weeks. Sigh.) It is time now for me to try and get this under control again.

Yesterday was a good start, I managed a double batch of pasta sauce and a huge meal of vegie soup. I baked muesli bar slice (which, even on my third different recipe, wasn't very successful. Guess it's just not a fan of margarine?), peanut butter choc chip cookies, and banana cake-muffins.

I also managed to get some of my 7 loads of wet washing dry, and turn over the compost. Phew. I hope this is a another sign that my routine is slowly returning to normal.

Oh, and just because it's cute, this is Otto's belly. He's 'got a baby in his puku', in case you were wondering why it's looking so gloriously rotund : )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Around the place.

(A few snaps taken while I was tidying..)

The weather this week, and my mood, have mostly only been good for pottering around home. I've managed a bit of Spring cleaning, a bunch of crossword puzzles, and that is about all.
(Other than a lot of internetting, and worrying about devastating current events, of course.)

I'm having severe 'Aesop's school holidays have been pretty crap' guilt, so tomorrow we might have to do something super doooooper exciting. Any ideas?

Friday, October 7, 2011

A quilt for the medium-sized one.

I've been meaning to make Otto a quilt for awhile now. Just like Aesop's, I had hoped it would be ready in time for him to go into his 'big boy bed'. Just like Aesop's, I'm rather late.
But better late than never, right?

I wanted to do something a little different than the other quilts I've made, which have either been patchwork squares, or string styles. But I also didn't want to do anything too tricky, because I knew I'd lose interest half way through (like I did with the first attempt at Otto's quilt - log cabin blocks.)
So, half 'n' half squares it was. It shows off the fabrics nicely ( I used a lot of my absolute fave prints) while not appearing too busy, I think.
Pretty stoked.

It is safe to say that it has passed the most important test - Otto was well impressed.
It is perfect for jumping on.

(And yes, two posts in one day - woah-zers Moses.
I never thought I would say it, but I'm going to be so busy watching the rugby this weekend, that I might not find time to post. I know. Mad, aye? C'mooooon Wales and AB's!)

Frugal Fashion Friday.

I found this dress yesterday, while flicking through the racks at the Sallies. It has been awhile since I've found anything really decent in terms of clothing, so I was well pleased when the price tag said only $5.50. I had the boys with me, no time for trying it on, so I was even more happy to find it fit really well.
It quickly dawned on me though, that fitting really well isn't such a bonus when you have an ever-expanding belly and boobs. I figure it'll fit for about another week or two. Best make the most of it, aye!

Dress - Thrifted at the Sallies  $5.50
Belt - Borrowed/stolen from a friend.
Tights - About 6 years old, from Farmers. About $12
Flats - The Warehouse $17

(I say it has been awhile, but I did find an ELECTRIC blue, shiny, 80's prom dress the other day. With huge puff sleeves and a puffy skirt. That, alas, I also didn't try on and it is at least one size too small in the bodice. Which is a shame 'cause, you know, I have so much need for one of those in my wardrobe...)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A birthday.

On Friday I turned 27.
In all honesty, I expected it to be a bit of non-event. I've been feeling lousy as anything the past six weeks, and didn't see why my birthday would/could/should affect how I felt.
BUT, pleasantly enough, I felt the best I've felt in ages.
My day was filled with my first midwife visit (I love love my new midwife. Love her.), lunch with my SIL and the cutest niece in the world, presents, flowers and love. We were given some fresh fish, which Abraham crumbed and we devoured with some bought chips, down by the water. Delightful!
I also went out (!!) that evening and saw Anika Moa play. By golly she is wonderful, who knew?

Saturday was filled with in-laws and gardening. For me these two go very much hand-in-hand. My Mother-in-law and her partner have wonderfully green thumbs. I was privileged enough to receive their help getting our Summer garden ready. Will show you what went in in another post!
We also ate amazing food (pumpkin soup and scones, and roast chicken!) and chit-chatted the day away. Also glorious.

One of the most exciting things about my birthday though? Wee bump is now 12 weeks old! Second trimester here we come! Keeping my fingers crossed this means a few more 'good' days thrown in each week from now on. I'll take what I can get!