Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Other (craftier) bits and bobs.

A few other things that just didn't seem right lumped in with a wardrobe post:

Last night I listed 12 girls dresses in my Felt shop.
I feel the need to let you know that these were made pre-Mollie's arrival, so no comments about being super woman, okay? haha. I wish I was sewing this much at the moment, but my time will come : )
(I will be listing/relisting quite a bit over the next week or two, as time and sunlight allow..)

I'm finally getting my haircut tommorrow. Phew. It has been over three months!
This is the picture I'm taking to the hairdressers with me. So, hopefully I'll be back tommorrow with a photo of a similar fringe.. I might leave my clothes on though.
(Oooh just remembered I have some black hair dye in the bathroom cupbord - wonder if I should go back to black?)

This is what creativity  looks like for me at the moment. Snippets. Things I can do in bursts of 20 minutes or, better yet, less - then I can do them while Mollie is chatting to her playgym.
The cardi is one I wore as a baby, but it was fairly ratty with stains and wee holes. I couldn't toss it, so it got soaked three times, and gained itself a few wee patches. Nearly good as new again!
The doodling, well, is just doodling. But it's good to just be doing anything again.

Wardrobe Wednesday!

A wee girl's Wardrobe Weds today. It would appear she is the only one I can get a decent photo of in this cold, dull light. Where has the sun gone? Doesn't the weather know we have to get the car serviced tomorrow and we'll need to walk everywhere? It had best buck up its ideas before then!

Mols is all wrapped up toasty, for a trip to the op shop and post office. She is wearing:
Hat and boots - a gift.
Vintage wool dress - The Sallies
Woollen long sleeve top - Farmers (dyed green by me)
Leggings - made by me.

And, weirdly enough, I realised after dressing her that we are wearing perfectly matching outfits. I guess I just had these colours on my mind today. I better try harder not to do that when she's older, aye? Shameos, Mum!

I'm wearing:
Cardi & tights - Glassons
Top - Farmers
Skirt - Kmart
Shoes - The Warehouse

(Woah, covered nearly all the cheap-o chains in this outfit!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

.. posted on a Monday night, of an outfit I wore on Sunday. Ah well, you do what you can do when you can do it when babes are this young, right?

This is what I wore yesterday.
It's nothing fancy, but I liked it because a) it felt a little like my post-pregnancy style and b) it was super comfy and warm. Both of these things make me very happy at the moment. Post-partum dressing, for me, is just not a time to be stepping too far out of my comfort zone!

My outfit details:
Cowl - Farmers $15
Top and Singlet - Glassons $20 and $10
Skirt - Thrifted years and years ago
Tights - Farmers about $15
Boots - #1 Shoe Warehouse $40

In other news.. I started my post-baby weightloss journey last week, despite a bit of criticism from husband and friends. I realise that 8 weeks is not a heck of a long time to give my body to get back to 'normal', and that Mollie needs me to eat extra and move less to provide optimum nourishment, but I also know myself. I know that, given a good excuse (like pregnancy and breastfeeding) I do not just add a few extra calories each day, I eat about double what I need to. If I'm not feeling accountable - I'm dangerous.
So, I have joined Weightwatchers and I'm hoping to (very slowly.. half a kilo a week ideally..) get back to my pre-Mollie self.
Oh how I look forward to wearing some of those clothes again!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mollie's Chair - 2 months.

2 Months old

I feel like I'm saying it all the time, but - time really does fly.
Eight short weeks ago, I was just about to settle down for my first ever night with Mollie. My belly was full of fish and chips, but yet also the emptiest it had been in 9 months. I was riding that post-labour high, and was feeling incredibly full of love, and was also feeling incredibly empowered and grateful. We had done it!

I'm still feeling most of those things, especially grateful.
Mollie is full of smiles and chatty as. She's not a sleeper as of yet, refusing to be sleep without being held, and even now not nodding off for long in the moby.. but she still feels too little for it to be too much of a big deal (how old were your kids when they 'learned' to sleep alone?).
She's growing so fast, much too fast!
Mollie is also now rolling everytime I put her on her belly.. it feels so early, but she is a determined wee thing. As soon as I pop her down her little head starts swaying back and forth to tip herself over. Slow down, little one, you're my last baby - you're meant to stay little for the longest!

It's so cool to see the interactions between the boys and Mol, especially Otto.
Those two sit for ages, snuggling and chatting away. Otto shares his favourite soft tots with her, and puts his 'snuggies' over her, to keep her warm. Both of them are constantly asking to hold her or bickering over who gets to sit next to her - they're pretty smitten!
(We all are..)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mollie's Wardrobe: Part 2

A lot of these beauties were gifted to Mollie by lovely friends like Amy and Kristen. A few others were worn by my sister and I when we were littlies.
I still have one more batch to photograph (!) when the weather/light is behaving itself. But right now I'm going to go put another pair of socks on and restart the c.d... it's -3 degrees, Aesop is home sick, Mollie is all snuffly and I'm making the most of a home day, soup on the stove, Adele blasting and plenty of sitting around going on! Keep warm x

Monday, June 11, 2012


Amy and I were texting about collections a wee while ago, and I said I wasn't sure I really collected anything. Both she and Abraham disagreed. So I picked up my camera and walked around the house looking for collections, and realised, as I looked, that I 'collect' a lot of things. Some of them are more deliberate collections than others, but there are lots of lovely little groupings.

Deer - I've added three more since this photo, so perhaps this is becoming quite an 'actual' collection rather than just a smattering of figures I happen to have found one day at the op shop.

Children's artwork- This one is perhaps inevitable when you have kiddos, but is still one of my favourites. I love watching the progression and improvement in motor skills and seeing the different perceptions.
(Yes, the lady is saying 'I wish I was as pretty as Mum'. Precious, no?)

Robots - These are actually Abraham's collection. He usually receives one on each birthday/Christmas.  He also collects records ( about 2000 of them...) but the lighting in our hallway is so miserable I couldn't photo graph the record shelves.

Religious/catholic iconry - This one surprises a lot of people. I'm not a religious person at all (still waiting for for something to ring true) but I'm intensely drawn to this sort of thing. I also have some bigger statues in the kitchen, and lots of paintings but those are all packed up in the shed as this house has no wall space for them.

Tea cups - For someone who doesn't like hot drinks, I have a rather silly amount of tea cups. This is just a few of them! Lots of these belonged to my Nana, some came from a cafe I worked at (we served tea in them and when handles would break I was allowed to take them home and glue them..) and others have been gifted or thrifted. There's just something so lovely and ladylike about them!

Tins - This collection is quite a bit smaller than some - consisting of just these and two more. It's another one that has happened over time, rather than purposely. The baking powder and Milo tins were found in Abraham's Mum's shed, the Maltexo tin on the end was sold to me filled with buttons, and the two in the middle were bought at the one and only auction I've ever attended. It was the only lot I could afford!

So there you have it, a few of the collections around the house (I did find more.. fabric, buttons, bright knitting needles, crown lynn dinner plates, wool blankets.. the list goes on..)
Funny what you don't realise you've collected, huh?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mollie's wardrobe: Part 1

I've been collecting vintage baby/kids clothes since before I was even pregnant. I knew I wanted to have children quite young, and I guess I just figured I might as well start buying! Needless to say, after 10 years, I have also picked up a few 'just in case' girls things. I very nearly gifted/sold them on after having Otto, and I'm now entirely relieved that I didn't!
I have three posts worth photographed so far, to share over the next few weeks, but I'm sure I'll unearth more as I find more time to sort through the bags.
Safe to say I've got ya covered on the dress front, Mol.


 (I think this might be my favourite of this lot..)

I pretty much wish all of these were in  my size - especially the wee coats!
Fingers crossed Mollie-mol is the dress wearing type, aye?