Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching up

Phew! Time flies. I thought I might do a bit of a catch up post - in case y'all have been wondering what we've been up to. (You have, aye? Thanks!)

I'll start with the little ones first. They, of course, are the ones who've kept me busy (and thus, not blogging..) the most.

Things are going much, much, MUCH smoother with Molllie and, in turn, with the boys as well. We've ditched the reflux meds that were prescribed, and have been visiting the osteopath. By golly, it might not look like they do much to the baby, but it has worked wonders. The combination of maturing a little and osteopathy has been just what the doctor ordered (or didn't, but should have..) for us.

So Mol is in much less pain, and even seems to be beginning to sleep LYING DOWN (touching wood while I write this!). I type that with capitals because it is absolutely amazing. Even having a few ten minute breaks in my day, for a spot of sewing, to cut up vegies for dinner, or even just to write a blog post is pretty much a godsend as far as improving my day and my mood. It is incredible what such a small amount of time to oneself can do.

Mollie is also growing super fast, gaining chins and legs rolls, and starting to spend more time interacting with us. She does a lot more smiling and chattering and it's so awesome to see the glint of recognition when she sees us (actually, mostly just when she sees Otto.. he gets an instant smile!).

Otto is battling ear infections, but his behaviour is improving with each day of antibiotics. Wish I had clicked sooner that his pants-wetting and catfood-eating behaviour was more about his sore/blocked ears and less about his new sister, but how could I have known?
Aesop and Otto have both taken a liking to drawing lately. I'm so stoked. Aesop has never much liked making any form of art, and I really worried we would have kids that don't like drawing (Abraham and I both love it) - but Aesop is finding a love of it, and Otto is showing signs of being naturally creative in that way. Phew! I've bought them visual diary type books to encourage it along.

Sewing? Not much. I've managed these two things over the past two weeks, chipping away at them in mini-naps and few minute intervals while Abraham holds Mol. REALLY looking forward to upping the craft time in the next few weeks, c'moooooon Mollie, work with me!

(Louana, I think I forgot to e-mail you, but I ADORE my new brooch. Thank you so very much!)

Instagram. It's what the cool kids are doing... them, and me. After Abraham joined the club last month, I realised I wanted to too, so I've joined the ranks of I-people (with an Ipod touch.. no money to run an I-phone!) and I am loooving Instagram. My user name is @rhiannontoast if you're also hanging out over those ways.

Really, that's about it around here. I'm hoping to show you a few photos of some of the 'If I ever have a girl...' clothes that I've been unpacking, ready for Mollie's future wardrobe, over the next few days. And also a few of my favourite things around the house.
Mmm-hmm. I feel like I need to be present in thus space a bit more often!


  1. You are an AMAZING mama! Well done for soldiering on and finding a solution that works for your family!

    Your sewing is amazing, can't wait to see more, little Mollie already has an adorable wardrobe! She is so lovely :)


  2. That is so good to hear osteopathy is making a great difference. Hooray! I admire your ability to keep on sewing girl.

  3. Great to hear that things are looking up and that Mollie is more settled- what a wee sweetie she is and so great that she is building a strong bond with her big brother too!

  4. Great post Rhubarb! Holy crap our kids are cute.

    I love you. You're doing great. We're gonna make it after alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  5. I'm still sulking over instagram. So not cool enough for that shizz. heh. And that's so awesome the Osteo is working for Mollie. Wish I'd bitten the bullet (or rather got over the cost) and given it a go with Arch. Sounds like it's been amazing for her. xx

  6. ditto all. You are an amazing mama and very inspiring!! i love all your creations incl those sweet pixies!

  7. You are such an inspiring mama! My youngest of three is over two and I still hardly ever manage any sewing. It's wonderful to her that you have found a way to treat Mollie and that you are doing so well. Amazing mama award goes to you!

  8. Amazing post - I feel like I'm sitting and having a cuppa with you (well I'm having the hot drink, right?) anyway - totally superficial comment, but that picture of you with your new brooch is beautiful.