Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mollie's Chair - 2 months.

2 Months old

I feel like I'm saying it all the time, but - time really does fly.
Eight short weeks ago, I was just about to settle down for my first ever night with Mollie. My belly was full of fish and chips, but yet also the emptiest it had been in 9 months. I was riding that post-labour high, and was feeling incredibly full of love, and was also feeling incredibly empowered and grateful. We had done it!

I'm still feeling most of those things, especially grateful.
Mollie is full of smiles and chatty as. She's not a sleeper as of yet, refusing to be sleep without being held, and even now not nodding off for long in the moby.. but she still feels too little for it to be too much of a big deal (how old were your kids when they 'learned' to sleep alone?).
She's growing so fast, much too fast!
Mollie is also now rolling everytime I put her on her belly.. it feels so early, but she is a determined wee thing. As soon as I pop her down her little head starts swaying back and forth to tip herself over. Slow down, little one, you're my last baby - you're meant to stay little for the longest!

It's so cool to see the interactions between the boys and Mol, especially Otto.
Those two sit for ages, snuggling and chatting away. Otto shares his favourite soft tots with her, and puts his 'snuggies' over her, to keep her warm. Both of them are constantly asking to hold her or bickering over who gets to sit next to her - they're pretty smitten!
(We all are..)


  1. cutest mollie outfit!! did you make her dress? as far as sleeping went in our house when ollie was a newborn, i had it so lucky. he pretty much slept all the time, waking every four hours for a feed. he kept this up pretty consistently as he got bigger, just the awake times gradually increased. i realise now how lucky i was in this regard!!

  2. Man she's cute! and looking more and more like her pretty Mama! YOo've won my giveaway sweets so send me your addy to my email: mushroomlane at hotmail dot com. xxx

  3. Oh man, that last photo of the 3 of them is the cutest!

  4. Oh that last photo! They all look so happy!

    LOVELY! xx

  5. swooooon...that last pic of all three of them is WAY too cute!! The boys look so stoked! I too am a Mama of sleepers it would seem. It will come, and when it does it will be all the more glorious for the wait! Stay little xx

  6. that sweet little babe & her oh so poud brothers, beautiful!!!! cluck cluck

  7. your small girl is too delicious

  8. Ah, what is this sleep you speak of? lol. I don't grow sleeping babies, at least not until they get bigger. Jarvis didn't care for sleep until he was about 14 months old, when he decided almost on his own that sleep was ace (a bit of sitting by the cot with a hand on his tummy, but nothing outrageous),but since then he's been a rock solid sleeper - happily napped until he got too big, and snuggles into bed at night with his teddies happily.

    Olive is almost nine months (holy moly!), and is either fed or cuddled to sleep, sleeps in her bed for naps & at the beginning of the night, then snuggles in with us when she first wakes overnight :)

    Such a beautifully delicious family you have! xx

  9. precious girl!!
    precious family.