Monday, June 11, 2012


Amy and I were texting about collections a wee while ago, and I said I wasn't sure I really collected anything. Both she and Abraham disagreed. So I picked up my camera and walked around the house looking for collections, and realised, as I looked, that I 'collect' a lot of things. Some of them are more deliberate collections than others, but there are lots of lovely little groupings.

Deer - I've added three more since this photo, so perhaps this is becoming quite an 'actual' collection rather than just a smattering of figures I happen to have found one day at the op shop.

Children's artwork- This one is perhaps inevitable when you have kiddos, but is still one of my favourites. I love watching the progression and improvement in motor skills and seeing the different perceptions.
(Yes, the lady is saying 'I wish I was as pretty as Mum'. Precious, no?)

Robots - These are actually Abraham's collection. He usually receives one on each birthday/Christmas.  He also collects records ( about 2000 of them...) but the lighting in our hallway is so miserable I couldn't photo graph the record shelves.

Religious/catholic iconry - This one surprises a lot of people. I'm not a religious person at all (still waiting for for something to ring true) but I'm intensely drawn to this sort of thing. I also have some bigger statues in the kitchen, and lots of paintings but those are all packed up in the shed as this house has no wall space for them.

Tea cups - For someone who doesn't like hot drinks, I have a rather silly amount of tea cups. This is just a few of them! Lots of these belonged to my Nana, some came from a cafe I worked at (we served tea in them and when handles would break I was allowed to take them home and glue them..) and others have been gifted or thrifted. There's just something so lovely and ladylike about them!

Tins - This collection is quite a bit smaller than some - consisting of just these and two more. It's another one that has happened over time, rather than purposely. The baking powder and Milo tins were found in Abraham's Mum's shed, the Maltexo tin on the end was sold to me filled with buttons, and the two in the middle were bought at the one and only auction I've ever attended. It was the only lot I could afford!

So there you have it, a few of the collections around the house (I did find more.. fabric, buttons, bright knitting needles, crown lynn dinner plates, wool blankets.. the list goes on..)
Funny what you don't realise you've collected, huh?


  1. Cool! I love collection posts..I think most people who are into op shopping are into collecting!
    I have often thought I'd like to set up one of those linky things so people could post their collections every week.. It's amazing how many collections there are when I go around the place looking for them.

  2. Lovely :)
    I find collecitons just appear seemingly by themselves in my house too!

  3. total deer figurine envy. I've never seen any in op shops here! x

  4. exciting post!! i want to touch too

  5. I am drawn to religious iconography as well (and I'm not religious). I also don't like hot drinks. Your collections are beautiful :)

  6. Not to mention the sweet collection of vintage clothes below! Love those deer and the tea cups. Gorgeous! :)

  7. i knew you would have some things! and lovely things they are,too. yippee!

  8. Talk about eye-swoon!! I adore your teacup collection, I'm a big-time fan of cute tea cups and have waaaaaaay more than is necessary for our two-person home. Especially since only one of us drinks tea. Chris has all but banned me from collecting more cups, so I have to sneak them into the pantry after a trip home from the op-shop...

  9. I love your collections- maybe I could write a post about them? Please have a look at my blog and let me know what you think.