Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday!

A wee girl's Wardrobe Weds today. It would appear she is the only one I can get a decent photo of in this cold, dull light. Where has the sun gone? Doesn't the weather know we have to get the car serviced tomorrow and we'll need to walk everywhere? It had best buck up its ideas before then!

Mols is all wrapped up toasty, for a trip to the op shop and post office. She is wearing:
Hat and boots - a gift.
Vintage wool dress - The Sallies
Woollen long sleeve top - Farmers (dyed green by me)
Leggings - made by me.

And, weirdly enough, I realised after dressing her that we are wearing perfectly matching outfits. I guess I just had these colours on my mind today. I better try harder not to do that when she's older, aye? Shameos, Mum!

I'm wearing:
Cardi & tights - Glassons
Top - Farmers
Skirt - Kmart
Shoes - The Warehouse

(Woah, covered nearly all the cheap-o chains in this outfit!)


  1. Nice one, you both look great! Red suits both of you too!

  2. woah, you two ladies are too cute - how do those boys in your house stand it?? ;)
    miss youuuuu!

  3. I dress the same as my daughter all the time and only notice after we are dressed! You do have certain feelings for what colours you want to see that day and what the weather is like. So it just happens naturally I guess.

  4. Love the print on stripes look - so funky!