Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Other (craftier) bits and bobs.

A few other things that just didn't seem right lumped in with a wardrobe post:

Last night I listed 12 girls dresses in my Felt shop.
I feel the need to let you know that these were made pre-Mollie's arrival, so no comments about being super woman, okay? haha. I wish I was sewing this much at the moment, but my time will come : )
(I will be listing/relisting quite a bit over the next week or two, as time and sunlight allow..)

I'm finally getting my haircut tommorrow. Phew. It has been over three months!
This is the picture I'm taking to the hairdressers with me. So, hopefully I'll be back tommorrow with a photo of a similar fringe.. I might leave my clothes on though.
(Oooh just remembered I have some black hair dye in the bathroom cupbord - wonder if I should go back to black?)

This is what creativity  looks like for me at the moment. Snippets. Things I can do in bursts of 20 minutes or, better yet, less - then I can do them while Mollie is chatting to her playgym.
The cardi is one I wore as a baby, but it was fairly ratty with stains and wee holes. I couldn't toss it, so it got soaked three times, and gained itself a few wee patches. Nearly good as new again!
The doodling, well, is just doodling. But it's good to just be doing anything again.


  1. yes! back to black! and take your clothes off... Happy fringe-ing!!

  2. You'll look great with that fringe! I haven't had a haircut for three years...might have to get on to that!

  3. Ooooh I like the fringe. I want that fringe too. But first I'll have to let my 'self cut' one grow out a bit. Must stop hacking at it! Cute drawings, VERY cute cardi - and looovely dresses!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the pants you have to list too!!