Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Otto turns three - a photo essay.

 Opening cards in the morning.

 (Squinty Abraham wishes he also had new ASOS sunglasses of awesomeness)

A picnic lunch in the backyard. Aesop in his tent, Mollie asleep, and all of us enjoying the sunshine while eating ham sandwiches, roast nuts and pieces of doughnut.

A spot of present opening.

Some family to celebrate with.

The blowing out of candles on a chocolate lion cake.

And plenty of new goodies to play with.

I think it is save to say, that Otto had a lovely third birthday.
It is so hard to fathom that it has been three years since he arrived. But, of course, it also feels like he has been here forever. He has been the perfect addition to our household the past few years, he is such a funny wee guy and a also such a cruiser.
I love the way Otto pronounces things (or shings, he would say), the way he treats the cat like another sibling, the way he smooches up to Mollie, the way he is so concerned when someone is sad or hurt, the way he walks with such swagger, the way he spends most of playcentre at the kai table, the way his face lights up when he is on the swings, the way he loves to snuggle, the jokes he makes.. pretty much everything about this guy is awesome. He is one cool little fellow, and I feel very blessed to hang out with him so often, and to be his Mum.

Happy birthday, Otto!


  1. Happy birthday Otto!!! What an incredibly cute little fellow... Man, wish he and Eleanor could hang more. xx

  2. what a blissful day, ( gosh hasn't mollie grown!), what a cool kid! And great fringe!

  3. Happy Birthday Little man, I love how you wrote about him:) My little 2 year old Jasper loves the 'kai' table at Playcentre too, he stays there munching while the other kids go back to play. How often do you do playcentre? You should post some pics of you with the kids at Playcentre!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful post, Rhubarb. Happy birthday Otto Snotto! You are the coolest guy I know.

  6. Happy birthday Otto!
    Dang. That fringe is still AH-MAY-ZING.