Friday, July 27, 2012

To market, to market: Part three.

I have high hopes of having a few stalls at one of our local markets this Summer.
I have done a few markets in the past, both big and small. I have done a few Craft2.0 fairs, the Mapua fair in Nelson and, many moons ago, Craftwerk in Wellington. But I've always felt like I haven't quite mastered the art of market-ing. (Not to mention it has been some time..!)
I have asked a few of my crafty friends, who I consider to be very successful at market selling, to answer a wee questionnaire and offer me some advice. I though that you lovelies might also like to benefit from their knowledge.
Todays interviewee is the lovely Jannelle from Heartfelt:

1. Tell us a little about who you are, and what it is you make and sell.
I'm Jannelle and I live in a very small rural town in the
Wairarapa.  In the morning I work as a librarian at our local library
and my husband Ian is a chef at one of the local pubs.  We have three
children, Charlie (6) Sadie (nearly 5) and Oscar (2).
Heart Felt is mostly about recycling wool clothing for children
whether it be revamping hand knits or restyling adults wool jerseys
into children tunics and pixie hats.  I also make play crowns and
headbands from felt.

2. How long have you been doing markets, and how often do you do them?
I have only been doing markets for just over a year.   I have done
3 Martinborough Fairs and a few Craft 2.0 markets.  We also have a
regular local market called the New Rags Market which run every two
months.   I try to attend all of the New Rags Markets to support the
local handmade movement in our area.

3. I know that you also sell online, which is your preferred way of selling? Why?
I don't think I 'prefer' one from the other because they are so
different.  Selling online is good because you can list things in your
own time and it the online shop pretty much looks after it self.
Markets you have a
deadline...the build up can be quite stressful but the end result is
that you meet your customers and other stall holders.

4. What are your top tips for the layout of the stall? How important is the look of your table?
.I like my stall to reflect my product.  A covered table is a must.
I use a large vintage sheet and then over top I use my mothers vintage
crochet bed spread ~ always looks super pretty.  Height is important
and I always like to display photographs of my children wearing Heart
Felt.   The little things are important too ~ a mirror is always
useful and I like to have a vase of flowers to make my stall extra
pretty.  I have everything priced and where possible use recycled
packaging and labels.  Always have business cards accessible, there is
always one or two people who like to contact you later on.

5. Is it good to have as much stock as possible, or is less more? If you have a lot of stock, do you display it all?
I always take lots of stock, but don't display it all.  I will
restock the table each time a sale is made.
6. How about pricing - do you have different prices for markets? Do you have an specific way of pricing that seems to work I.e even numbers, odd numbers, all under a certain price etc
.I do have 'market specials' and always advertise that they are on
special for that day.  I'm always willing to give a discount on a
multiple purchase too.  I'm terrible at maths and have everything in
5's.  $15, $25, $30, $35....that way I know I'm not going to get
flustered and it's easy to know what kind of change I will need in my
cash box.

7. Are you very chatty with people browsing your stall? Or do you prefer to step back and let them look?
I have tried both approaches....the chatty approach and the stand
back and let them look approach.  Being friendly and chatty always
wins hands down!
8. Any other advice you'd like to share?Advertise your product.  I always wear one of my headbands at my
stall, I always sell more when people see them worn.  One time my
husband bought Oscar in to visit me wearing a pixie hat (smart
husband)  I sold three within the 20 minutes Oscar was there.  Be
positive, be yourself and believe in your product.  If you are
passionate about what you do ~ show it.

Thanks heaps, Jannelle!

You can find Jannelle and Heartfelt on Facebook HERE, Felt HERE and on her blog HERE.


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  2. And here is a non-spam comment:
    This is a great post, thanks! I'm thinking of entering the handmade/crafting business too so this was really helpful. Awesome. x

  3. Rhiannon, I've really really enjoyed this series! It's given me lots to consider and think about for future reference. It was really well put together, thank you!

    Talia Christine