Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A new camera!

I have been dreaming of a new camera for some time now. Our point-and-shoot is still okay, and was a brilliant model when we bought it, but I've been eyeing up a DSLR ever since Dee and Stella invested in theirs.
I spent a few months waiting for the 1100D to get down to a reasonable price, and last week it finally got down under $800. I added it to the cart, but didn't quite get round to pressing the 'checkout' button.
Phew! That was lucky, because Mum and Dad got home from overseas in the weekend, and I had a big talk with them about cameras. They discouraged me from buying the 1100D, convincing me to save up a bit more and get a more expensive model. I could see their reasoning and planned to put of purchasing for a few more months.
But THEN my Dad rung me the evening and told me he had a deal for me - one that was beyond awesome! He offered to sell me his  nearly new 550D for nearly $200 less than the 1100D was going to cost me. I had to think pretty hard.. for about 1 second. Um, YES, please!?
He claimed it was a good excuse for him to upgrade, but really it was just a very kind Dad thing to do!

So now the learning begins... any hints? Tips? Links? Wanna come give me some pointers? (I will make cake..)


  1. wow, that's so cool!!! What an awesome Dad you have.
    I have a 450D and Im still learning (two years down the track) I love love love my camera (even if its way superseded now).

  2. Woohoo, that is such an awesome Dad thing to do! I shall join you one day in fancy camera land. Enjoy, you lucky lady!

  3. TRY not to use the in-built flash, and if you can afford it, get a 50mm...great for low light, portraits and product photos, also nice shallow depth-of-field, especially if you get a f1.4.
    Hope thats not too confusing!
    Im also looking to upgrade my entry-level Canon, but im going for a 60d:)
    Saskia x

  4. I have the it. I mainly use the 50mm f1.8 lens.