Sunday, July 29, 2012

The weekend that was.

Yesterday, Saturday, was such a glorious day that one might almost forget that it was Winter.
I hung out my fifteen thousand loads of washing (and even got some dry!), and we dropped the biggest boy off at a birthday party - seemed the perfect time to head to the beach.

There was plenty of shell sorting, treasure finding, and general beach-fun to be had.
We invited my parents along, and Dad and I snip-snapped photos of every movement with our new flash cameras. Haha. But really, it was the perfect opportunity to give my new camera a really good spin. It's going to take me awhile to really figure it out.

Abraham collected wood to make slingshots with the boys (and looked very spunky in his new sweatshirt he had printed!) and Otto hitched a ride with my Mum. We topped off the visit with a hot chocolate and ice creams, like all of the best beach visits.

We spent the evening sharing a glorious meal with my sister in law and her husband and baby girl. Delightful.

Today, Winter was back.
The rain and cold have set in again, making it the perfect day to sit on the couch and list big piles of things on Felt. 16 pairs of pants, 20 skirts and a few brooches and bits and pieces, to be precise! Phew! The shop is looking full once again, and it feels so nice.
Perhaps you'd care to check it out? It's over HERE.

I wonder what next week will bring.... a bit more sunshine would be lovely!


  1. Yay! Piggies free and in the ocean even. I am so jealous.

  2. Nice photos Rhubarb! Such a cool weekend.

    Love you heaps and heaps.

  3. How's the 'art of photography' going?? I totally wish we were closer too. I could share what I know about cameras (which really isn't that much) and you could share some of that amazing creativity of yours (I really wouldn't mind some of that). Love Otto's trousers !!!

  4. Oh yeah, in your first photo ,your horizon isn't straight, some landscape photography experts would go nuts about that, personally I love it when people capture life not as it's "meant" to be. But it can really change the look of a shot depending on whether the horizon is straight or not.