Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday.

Thought I would make the most of the finest weather we've had in awhile, and do a WW post! Huzzah!
I had a million errands to run in town this morning, so I thought it fitting that I might pull out all the stops, and wear a dress for a change. Slowly getting braver!
This is a dress I bought not long after Mollie was born. I bought it, and about a dozen others, on one of those magical thrifting days where the whole rail seems to be filled with things your size (probably more common if you are a smaller size!) and your era of choice. I didn't really fit any of them that day, with my 2 week old darling asleep in her carseat, but I'm discovering now which will be kept and which will be sold/gifted on. I tried to choose ones with buttons predominately, for obvous reasons - so hard to find fab dresses with boob access!

Dress- Salvation Army $4.50
Leggings - Glassons $12.50
Cardi - Glassons $30
Flats - The Warehouse $9

And my sunnies? Oh, how I love these fine glasses. Smudgy fingerprints and all..
They are from ASOS and were a steal, at $26 (delivered!). Wooo!


Miss Mollie donned a frock also, as she seems to more and more often. Hers was slightly more dashing than mine, she doesn't need to work hr way up to being brave! Ha ha.

Dress - hand me down, originally from Pumpkin Patch
Thermal tights - also handed down.
Cardi - Salvation Army $1.50
Socks - Farmers $2

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  1. You look great! That dress really suits you :) And feeding access, awesome bonus!
    Little miss looks cute as too, I wish I'd done dresses more when Isla was wee, as when they get to the crawling stage there's quite a while where skirts/dresses really get in the way when they're trying to get around. So do it now! Yay!x

  2. Love those sunnies - you look like an L.A. starlet in your outfit, off to get a coffee (in the nicely possible way). Also your so right about blue being Mollie's colour - love the stripe/spot/floral combo

  3. yay for dresses with feeding access! and double yay for those sunnies! love them. x

  4. Sunnies are so on trend! Thrifting rocks too, although I know what you mean about bargain or bust - hoping for lots of bargains tomorrow!

  5. Oh, I forgot to comment on here on Wednesday! Cute dress; it's a great length. And your girl!! She's adorable!

  6. love the blue stripes I just love stripes they are so happy. and I love the ways you have combined pattern and texture on Miss Mollie