Monday, February 13, 2012

Two weekends.

We've had the pleasure of getting away for both of the last two weekends. Not something that happens often for us!


The weekend before last, we went camping. I find it hard not to type that without a huge row of exclamation marks behind it because, you see, I'm not really the camping type.
This was the first time I have camped since my early teens, and I had not even ever considered buying a tent until the week beforehand! Maybe I can blame the hormones, but I had a huge change of heart after visiting my parents over at the Ohiwa camp ground the week before that. The boys LOVE that place, and I knew they would adore it even more in a tent!
We went over with my parents, in their campervan, so we would have everything we needed at hand (turns out camping gear is expensive - definitely something to build up over time!) and also a few extra hands for the boys.

After a bit of a rough first night (children who refuse to sleep, and an airbed that was not quite firm enough..) we were well into the swing of things. We had a wonderful time down at the beach, in the harbour, on the go kart/bike things and just generally hanging out. We dined on bbq food, Summer fruits and delicious Abraham-baked cookies. Pretty neat.

As if that weekend wasn't cool enough, I planned a surprise trip away for Abraham and I this past Saturday night.
We have the anniversary of us meeting coming up (11 years! woah!) and Valentines day in the horizon, but I also figured that it would be the last chance for us to get away for a night before becoming parents of three (we have a busy, busy March planned..).
We're a bit low on funds at the moment, so it couldn't be anything toooo fancy-pants, but I found us a decent hotel room and planned a weekend of delicious food and delicious quiet-child-free-ness.

We were stoked to find that our room overlooked some bubbling mud pools, and even more stoked when all of our meals were absolutely devine. There's nothing worse than spending money on food that isn't 100% devine.

We ate lunch at Burger Fuel, dinner at Lone Star and breakfast at the famous Fat Dog. We also watched a lot of crappy T.V (a novelty when you don't have T.V at home!), lay around and chatted, drove around the city during a huge powercut (good-bye plans to go to the movies!) and generally enjoyed the peace.

Hoping next weekend will be a quite weekend at home, organising baby things, before March begins and we're full booked until baby-time!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Make my week, baby: Weeks 5 & 6

 I had a feeling the crafting would have to slow down a bit once our non-holiday routine kicked in. It's much harder to fit it all in between pick-ups and drop-offs, playcentre, Yo Gabba Gabba viewings and snack servings.
I've also been a little distracted lately. Summer seems to have finally arrived, and we have been busy with beach outings, and our very first family camping trip! (I'll try and blog about that tomorrow, seems worthy of its own post..) We've been busy trying to eat as much sweetcorn as humanly possible, and making the most of reasonably priced peaches and nectarines. All in all, Summer has taken over a little, in the best possible way.

But, don't get me wrong, there has been a little crafting. I haven't forgotten the project altogether!

Firstly, I finished up this wee vest, from the delicious wool that Steph sent me. It's Malabrigo 'Pollen', and by golly it is scrumptious (the pictures really don't do it justice!). The pattern is Felipe, and whipped up super quick.

That was all I had made for the bump, until today.
I spent today sewing up a storm of patterned t-shirting, and came up with two onesies and a few t-shirts for Otto, too. I love to make these envelope/90 minute tee style shirts. They very rarely turn out looking anything other than awesome, and they are the perfect staple tee for hanging out around home and going to playcentre : )
(I've just realised that most of these photos are less-than-awesome, I apologise for that. They looked fine on the camera, and I really don't have the energy to re-take them!)

On a crafty, but not baby-related, note: I also finished up some sewing I've had lying around the studio for months now. These cushions are filled with fabric scraps (making them lovely and heavy. Perfect for brothers to toss at each other..) and make good use of the largest of my odd buttons. Love that.
(Yes, the wall could do with repainting. The joys of renting!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (31 weeks)

I love this dress. I think it might officially be my favourite EVER.
It's one of those magical dresses that I never cease to feel confident in, even in times like these when I'm hot and sticky and my 'waddle' is in full force!

Favourite blue dress - $4 Te Puke op shop
Vintage pink rose - gifted by a friend, attached with a safety pin.
Belt- $19.99 from The Warehouse.
Shoes - $10 or $12 from The Warehouse

And here's a bonus picture of my newly decided 'beach outfit'. Because, frankly, being plus-sized and pregnant is not conducive to finding good beach attire. (I did try to find actual swimwear, but it is safe to say that what I ended up wearing is not something the world wide web needs to see!)

Gold hat - Left behind at a shop I worked at once. Score!
Sunnies- Le Spec from Farmers $10
Pink cardi - A gift from Amy.
Floral dress - Belonged to Abraham's great Aunty.
Belt - The usual from The Warehouse $19.99

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