Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (31 weeks)

I love this dress. I think it might officially be my favourite EVER.
It's one of those magical dresses that I never cease to feel confident in, even in times like these when I'm hot and sticky and my 'waddle' is in full force!

Favourite blue dress - $4 Te Puke op shop
Vintage pink rose - gifted by a friend, attached with a safety pin.
Belt- $19.99 from The Warehouse.
Shoes - $10 or $12 from The Warehouse

And here's a bonus picture of my newly decided 'beach outfit'. Because, frankly, being plus-sized and pregnant is not conducive to finding good beach attire. (I did try to find actual swimwear, but it is safe to say that what I ended up wearing is not something the world wide web needs to see!)

Gold hat - Left behind at a shop I worked at once. Score!
Sunnies- Le Spec from Farmers $10
Pink cardi - A gift from Amy.
Floral dress - Belonged to Abraham's great Aunty.
Belt - The usual from The Warehouse $19.99

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  1. Love love love both! That dark blue really suits you. And the light outfit is so different for you, but looks so sweet and summery. Have you had your hair done recently? Looks nice! xo

  2. Love that hat. Love the pop of pink on you're navy dress. Sorry you're feeling hot and sticky - you look fantastic!

  3. I don't remember looking this glamourous in my pregnancies - cute outfits! Jen :)

  4. i LOVELOVELOVE your beach outfit! so cute and feminine~~~
    not long now huh! it's going so fast! exciting :)))


  5. I think I like the beach dress best, love the blue one too, just not quite as much.

  6. You look great funky and cute!

  7. The warehouse has the best source of belts ever and I think it's an untapped source - especially for plus sizes. I was amazed and impressed to find belts that were even too big for me (that's never happened). I think I have that brown one you're wearing too and a skinny red one, which is a favourite.

  8. Hey how are you finding your polyester dresses in this heat? I've put all of mine away til Winter time.