Friday, December 17, 2010


I can't go into any detail, due to my husband and his blog-reading ways, but here are some sneaky peeks at a few of the things I have on the go in my sewing room right now.
I'm yet to actually finish most things, other than the three necklaces which were a custom order for someone else to gift. The gold spandexy thing is done too, but it's all hush hush until Christmas when I can take photos of it in use and have the full effect.
The list above my sewing machine is now, mostly, just finishing touches. Oh, and a few things for my nephew and niece-or-nephew-to-be, but they shouldn't take too long. Phew! And, luckily, most of the buying is complete too.

How are you getting on?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In more peaceful times..

A few snippets of my house, taken before the madness of the school holidays. We're half way through our first day at home, and the place already looks more like an explosion in a toy factory crossed with the kitchen in a flat full of teenage boys. And that's after me doing the dishes. Oh dear.
Let's hope the adjustment back into having all three of us at home doesn't take too long this time round and we can just skip right on through to the fun times!

(Oh, and a picture of some hydrangeas, just 'cause.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looks like gold to me.

As a mother of a child that doesn't particularly enjoy drawing, painting or even writing, I can quite happily say that this week has been a very happy one. The classroom walls have been emptied and Aesop has bought home little piles of absolute treasure.
There is very little that is more wonderful than children's art. So basic and so innocent at this age.
We also had his writing books and some more of his stories come home. These are just a couple of my favourites:

 ' I went to Ohiwa and bounced on the pillow and went to the harbour. It was awesome.'

 ' This is a person with rotten teeth. He is also riding a car. His teeth are black and his breath is very stinky.'
'Aesop said ' I love my mum because she is nice to me. Sometimes she tells me what to buy so I don't buy something for nothing.'

That last one cracks me up. So glad Aesop appreciated the fact that his Mum is an expert op shopper!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What she wears, what she wears, what she wears..

A few quick photos, taken before heading out last night. Abraham's sister watched the boys while we headed out for an 'old-time-us' date:  Burger King on the stopbank ala 2001. We also went for a drive out past our wedding venue and sighed big reminiscent sighs.
This dress is one that I bought quite some time ago, and it didn't fit me. It is still a tad on the tight side, but I've decided that it's now or never, and that I'm going to wear it this Summer regardless. I'm very pleased with my decision because it's such a pretty dress. I love the frills and the length, especially.

The title of this post is, of course, from the Brooke Fraser's song 'Something in the Water'. I've never paid any attention to Brooked previously, but this song has been stuck in my head from the minute I heard it. I love it to the moon and back. Part of me can't wait to hear the rest of the album, another part is a little concerned about how it could possibly live up to the first single. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Two, incredible, years ago today I was having the best day of my life, and marrying someone pretty darn awesome.

We stood under a giant Totara tree, promised to be each others number one fan, and to keep each other fed (me) and warm (him). We exchanged rings, and a bit of a pash, too. Then we partied it up with (most of) our loved ones, ate cake and smiled great big smiles.
The past two years have been wonderful, Abraham. And I still love you just as much, if not more, than I did on that day (and on the day we first started going out, nearly ten years ago!). You're my favourite flavour of chips, my best friend and my 'one'. Thanks for being the bestest husband, and father-of-our-kids EVER.
Love you, bro!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly, slowly getting festive...

It is, very slowly, starting to look like Christmas around here.
I'm not really a 'festive' person. I seem to find Christmas more stress than fun, all that buying and organising just doesn't really scream 'fun' to me. I get too frustrated when things don't go as planned and with a whole bunch of people involved it so often tends to happen.
But, despite my grinch-like feelings toward this joyous time of year, it is fairly impossible to avoid some hint of festivity sneaking in, especially with children! So yesterday I hauled out the box of decorations and scattered them around the house. I must confess, I actually think they look quite good.

I also, for the first time, let Aesop help decorate the tree. I know, I've been so mean not to let him do it until now, but I was convinced that it was for his own good, me stressing so much surely would have put him off forever! But I'm glad I got over myself and let him help because he really loved doing it, and I felt surprisingly relaxed. I even stayed perfectly calm as I watched a vintage glass Santa drop from his hand, onto the floor, and shatter into a thousand pieces... calm on the outside anyway!
I've been sewing and buying presents too, but you'll have to wait a bit before I can show you those. Not long though, only 2 weeks! Jeepers. I'd better get back to work..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December- 'tis the season...

(7 Days, The United States Of Tara and The Big C. The only three programmes I will really miss.)

..for no T.V?

Well, in our house it is. We've decided that December, with its beautiful weather and larger-than-usual social calendar, is the perfect month to ditch the small screen.
We had a little protest at first, from Aesop, because not only does it involve missing the Simpsons and any morning programmes ( he is not allowed to watch during the daytime or afternoon anyway..), it also extends to the Playstation. He couldn't understand quite why we would opt to go with out gaming for a whole month.

But I'm happy to report that, yesterday, at one week in, he announced that 'This whole no-t.v thing is pretty good, really. I've had time for much more playing with my Lego!' Phew!

We've made big lists of all of the activities we can do in the holidays, minus the television, and I thought I might share some of that list with you. We have split our list into three sections.

Places to go:
- To the museum
- To the beach
- To the playground
- To the shops with some money from doing jobs
- To feed the ducks
- To the harbour- crab hunting
- To the library
- To a cafe for a fluffy
- To the dairy for an ice block
- Fishing with Dad.

Things to do when Otto is awake:
- Backyard obstacle course
- 'Find it' pictures. (photos taken around the house and yard using close-up, or on a funny angle, and Aesop has to find the spot they were taken.)
- Build a cardboard house
- Go for a walk/scooter
- Fill up the clam shell and splash in the water
- Dress up and play shop keepers
- Play 'post office'
- Have a picnic on the lawn
- Make gloop
- Draw on the concrete with chalk
- Kick the ball around the yard
- Fill Otto's bath and have a boat regatta.

Things to do when Otto is asleep:
- Read books
- Do some puzzles in the puzzle book
- Collage monsters
- Play Lego
- Find bugs in the garden
- Write a letter
- Bakes pretzels
- Make scones
- Sew a cape
- Draw and write a comic book
- Draw the craziest thing you can think of
- Play a computer game or look something up on Youtube
- Make toothpick and marshmellow buildings
- Host a snail race
- Make jelly

There are tonnes of sites dedicated to t-v free activites, but what I want to know is: What are your plans for maintaining sanity in the holidays? Any great suggestions for us to add to our list?
Oh, and what programmes would you miss?