Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looks like gold to me.

As a mother of a child that doesn't particularly enjoy drawing, painting or even writing, I can quite happily say that this week has been a very happy one. The classroom walls have been emptied and Aesop has bought home little piles of absolute treasure.
There is very little that is more wonderful than children's art. So basic and so innocent at this age.
We also had his writing books and some more of his stories come home. These are just a couple of my favourites:

 ' I went to Ohiwa and bounced on the pillow and went to the harbour. It was awesome.'

 ' This is a person with rotten teeth. He is also riding a car. His teeth are black and his breath is very stinky.'
'Aesop said ' I love my mum because she is nice to me. Sometimes she tells me what to buy so I don't buy something for nothing.'

That last one cracks me up. So glad Aesop appreciated the fact that his Mum is an expert op shopper!


  1. I love how his eyes turn into dollar signs! What an imagination! You should scan them and put them into a scrapbook for him one day.

  2. what awesome pictures, one very clever cookie you have there!