Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Up the coast.

On Friday afternoon, Abraham finished work early and we packed up the car. We drove across the road and met up with my sis-in-law Holly, her husband Ben, Abraham's cousin Hakopa, his cousin Richard, and Richard's partner Hayley. We had formed a little convoy and headed up the coast.

The weekend had a few crazy/not so cool times: Ben swallowed a blue bottle jellyfish (fear not, he was okay), the bed we slept in had the most impossible roll-together ever (in hot Summer weather this is especially not cool), Hakopa got stung by both a bee and a jellyfish, said jellyfish made it too hard for the boys and I to go into the water, the fish and chip store closed before we got there and Otto didn't sleep well in the port-a-cort.

But, mostly, it was fantastic times. I loved: The view, the food, Hayley's beautiful birthday cake that Rich made her, the sweet bach-y decor, rock pool jumping with Aesop and Abraham, playing a game of Cranium, the road trip on the way there (and the soundtrack I made for it!), watching Aesop's wide eyes as the menfolk cut up fish and shellfish, the shrieks of delight as Otto (and his bare-bottom) ran around the house and jumped on the airbed and, most of all, spending some good time with the family.

Thanks for a great weekend, team!


  1. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. I spent many a childhood summer camping up the coast and my heart yearns to return.
    There's been loads of jellyfish here too, and it's even hard to keep Archer away from the washed up ones because he wants to get his prodding finger on... not to mention taking the boys swimming. I hope they bugger off soon or its not going to be a very nice summer.
    And yes, the overalls are handmade.. not by me though, Mum made them for Finley when I was going through a "I hate my sewing machine" phase. x

  2. Holy friggin coincidence! I stayed in that EXACT bach, that one, that very one, last summer! I have such good memories of our days there, the wee path down to the secret stony beach and the crayfish for dinner every night. Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

  3. theres nothing like a kiwi bach holiday x

  4. gorgeous bach-y decor! beautiful pics x

  5. Gorgeous pics and glad you have mostly wonderful memories. Absolutely adore the natural, seasonal decorations. Looks a very special time with family x

  6. Total awesomeness! That's all I have to say about that... (think Jack Black wide-eyed, open mouthed stare...) ;)