Thursday, December 16, 2010

In more peaceful times..

A few snippets of my house, taken before the madness of the school holidays. We're half way through our first day at home, and the place already looks more like an explosion in a toy factory crossed with the kitchen in a flat full of teenage boys. And that's after me doing the dishes. Oh dear.
Let's hope the adjustment back into having all three of us at home doesn't take too long this time round and we can just skip right on through to the fun times!

(Oh, and a picture of some hydrangeas, just 'cause.)


  1. OH! Your house is so beaut!!! I only have one wee fulla at home with me, and mine never looks like that :-). And I just LOVE all the gorgeous art work from Aesop! What a wee legend, you must be so proud!

  2. We are on "holiday" now too. Any ideas to keep 2 boys busy and happy?