Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December- 'tis the season...

(7 Days, The United States Of Tara and The Big C. The only three programmes I will really miss.)

..for no T.V?

Well, in our house it is. We've decided that December, with its beautiful weather and larger-than-usual social calendar, is the perfect month to ditch the small screen.
We had a little protest at first, from Aesop, because not only does it involve missing the Simpsons and any morning programmes ( he is not allowed to watch during the daytime or afternoon anyway..), it also extends to the Playstation. He couldn't understand quite why we would opt to go with out gaming for a whole month.

But I'm happy to report that, yesterday, at one week in, he announced that 'This whole no-t.v thing is pretty good, really. I've had time for much more playing with my Lego!' Phew!

We've made big lists of all of the activities we can do in the holidays, minus the television, and I thought I might share some of that list with you. We have split our list into three sections.

Places to go:
- To the museum
- To the beach
- To the playground
- To the shops with some money from doing jobs
- To feed the ducks
- To the harbour- crab hunting
- To the library
- To a cafe for a fluffy
- To the dairy for an ice block
- Fishing with Dad.

Things to do when Otto is awake:
- Backyard obstacle course
- 'Find it' pictures. (photos taken around the house and yard using close-up, or on a funny angle, and Aesop has to find the spot they were taken.)
- Build a cardboard house
- Go for a walk/scooter
- Fill up the clam shell and splash in the water
- Dress up and play shop keepers
- Play 'post office'
- Have a picnic on the lawn
- Make gloop
- Draw on the concrete with chalk
- Kick the ball around the yard
- Fill Otto's bath and have a boat regatta.

Things to do when Otto is asleep:
- Read books
- Do some puzzles in the puzzle book
- Collage monsters
- Play Lego
- Find bugs in the garden
- Write a letter
- Bakes pretzels
- Make scones
- Sew a cape
- Draw and write a comic book
- Draw the craziest thing you can think of
- Play a computer game or look something up on Youtube
- Make toothpick and marshmellow buildings
- Host a snail race
- Make jelly

There are tonnes of sites dedicated to t-v free activites, but what I want to know is: What are your plans for maintaining sanity in the holidays? Any great suggestions for us to add to our list?
Oh, and what programmes would you miss?


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww go you!!!!!!

    ( and they are all my fav shows too!)

  2. Lovin' it!!
    I don't watch TV regularly at all.... never really have... would not care if we didn't own one... crazy that I've allowed three into the house then huh!!
    I totally dig your "find it" pictures game! I'm gonna play!! In our summery weather (rain, rain, thunderstorms, rain...)
    We love sleepovers, cousins, Lego, dance/sing alongs to Youtube/etc for school holiday experinces in general...
    We're enjoying scoping out recipe cards/ box/ books/ website for Xmas goodness at the moment - helps I'm giving myself til after Xmas before start weight loss ideas/ plan/ action :P and I've just rediscovered Fimo kinda stuff...
    When we can go out - we make up random hacky sac games.. and play quoits or make volcanoes in the sandpit ( baking soda and vinegar frothy lava...)

    See you soon!! Hopefully Whakatane turns on classic sun...

  3. Man, you guys are my hero's. I just don't think I could do it. even though I don't actually watch much t.v anyway, it is on most of the time in the background (at night, not during the day).

    and you forgot 'road trip to Papamoa' ha ha ha... joking, there's not much exciting here either!

  4. My 4 years old boy doesn´t wacht much tv, and It´s quite active, so have lots to do on holidays: lego, playing outside if no rain, baking cupcakes that he loves, playdo, looking a nice and special book... and these days decorating over and over the house for Xmas, pretending he is Father Xmas, delivering Xmas cards...