Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly, slowly getting festive...

It is, very slowly, starting to look like Christmas around here.
I'm not really a 'festive' person. I seem to find Christmas more stress than fun, all that buying and organising just doesn't really scream 'fun' to me. I get too frustrated when things don't go as planned and with a whole bunch of people involved it so often tends to happen.
But, despite my grinch-like feelings toward this joyous time of year, it is fairly impossible to avoid some hint of festivity sneaking in, especially with children! So yesterday I hauled out the box of decorations and scattered them around the house. I must confess, I actually think they look quite good.

I also, for the first time, let Aesop help decorate the tree. I know, I've been so mean not to let him do it until now, but I was convinced that it was for his own good, me stressing so much surely would have put him off forever! But I'm glad I got over myself and let him help because he really loved doing it, and I felt surprisingly relaxed. I even stayed perfectly calm as I watched a vintage glass Santa drop from his hand, onto the floor, and shatter into a thousand pieces... calm on the outside anyway!
I've been sewing and buying presents too, but you'll have to wait a bit before I can show you those. Not long though, only 2 weeks! Jeepers. I'd better get back to work..


  1. woah, your tree looks awesome! mines hanging it's branches in shame right now.

  2. Love the retro wreaths!

  3. Wow, good on you for sharing the tree-decorating experience. We just put ours up yesterday and it was a disaster (wrote a blog post about it actually!) and we'll be trying again in a few days.
    I love the fabric ball ornaments :)