Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wardrobe day.

I decided today was the day to brave a vintage dress.
I've been so disheartened with my post-partum frump that I've not really dared to frock it up. The one time I did wear a nana-style dress was the day someone stopped me in the supermarket and said 'Are you pregnant again? Oh wow! You are!'. Um, no. Dress back into the 'not yet pile'...

But today I feel a little closer to normal (a long way to go..) and, well, I'm so tired of skirt and tops and everything in black. There's not enough colour in my life!

So yes, I may or may not still look 5 months pregnant, but I feel a lot cheerier. And that is the most important thing, afterall.

Dress - Salvation Army $4.50
Belt - Salvation army $2
Tights - Glassons $12.50
Shoes - The Warehouse $9

Oh, and, just in case you're wondering (cause we know you are.. she's much cuter than I!)... this is what the other Larsen lady is wearing today :

Dress - Salvation army $1.50
Cardi - Gifted (bought from community handcraft shop)
Leggings - Gifted (UK brand Early days)
Shoes - Gifted (Mokpuna merino)


  1. You look great and the dress is such a fantastic colour

  2. BAM! I am so glad you braved it and that you feel cheerier cos holy wow you look good! cheeriness suits you sir :) A totally joyous frock-up.

  3. You both look pretty stylish to me!

  4. you are totally looking GORGEOUS, friend!! love that dress (colour, style, pattern)...and your little miss is so precious. can't wait to give her a smooch xo

  5. Well I think you look fanbloodytastic in that dress.

  6. Looks good on you chicken, the colour especially is pretty much perfect.

  7. You both look fab - that colour looks great on you! The belt is great. Mollie looks super cute :)

  8. jullie larsen ladies zijn allebij zo ontzettend mooi!

  9. You look sensational in that outfit, red suits you and I love the belt. You baby is just too cute and I love her outfit too! Hi I'm Roberta and I design and make infant's vintage inspired fashion. Needless to say I am a collector of retro and vintage. My hubby is a kiwi and we love our trans tasman lifestyle.
    PS I am now following you
    PSS I hope you pop on over and say hello

  10. You look beautiful in that dress, the colour is amazing on you!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my painting, it put a big smile on my face :) ~E xo

  11. Don't know how I missed this post but man you're looking smoking!

  12. Seriously?! I LOVE THAT DRESS! Love. It. You look gorgeous, and I love Mollie's ensemble too! (And yes, I am trawling through your blog right now! I'm not a stalker, promise.)