Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (x3!)

I think that the first few months post-baby are the hardest time in terms of finding ones style.

Pre-baby it is so much easier. You know your body, you don't always like everything about it, but you know it. You know what fits, what shapes work for it and which clothes give you the look you want to present. You know?
Pregnancy, for me, is fun. Your body might be changing shape, but there is one big focal point - your lovely round belly. It is relatively easy to put together outfits that work around that beautiful baby bump (even if it is hard to find things that fit!).
Post-partum? It's like being in someone else's body. Your chest is huge (and leaky!), your tummy is all squishy and wobbly, you have lumps and bumps where you never knew you could get lumps and bumps.. generally you're just not yourself.
For me, I don't think it's even the extra size that makes it hard (though it would be helpful in terms of fitting pre-preg clothes) but rather the overall change of body shape.
I'm so used to having a waist, albeit not tiny, and wearing dresses and high waisted skirts with belts.. safe to say that wouldn't be a good look right now. I'm really struggling to find a comfy and practical 'look' for Winter, to tide me over til I lose a bit of weight and get some of my shape back.
I'll get there though (both to the finding of the look, and the weight loss!) and i intend to keep sharing outfits  along the way, to encourage myself, and document the process.

Glasses - The Warehouse $10
Cardi - Glassons $30
Top - Kmart $15
Skirt - Kmart $15
Flats - The Warehouse $10

(I know. Trinny and Whatshername would strongly disapprove of me wearing patterns on my biggest part.. meh. sometimes 'flattering' isn't the most important thing in an outfit..)
Cardi - Sallies
Top and skirt - Kmart $15 each
Tights - Also Kmart $5

This one is my fave.

Cardi - Cotton On $25
New dress/tunic - Farmers $41 on sale
Leggings - Glassons $12.50
Shoes - The Warehouse $17

Does your style change post-baby? Do you have any handy hints and tips?


  1. I love your last outfit particularly! Now over the years I've gradually lost my waist something about 4 children over 16 years and some dodgy joints. Anyhow I currently am wearing shortish (to the knee) skirts with leggings and not too long tshirts and cardies and it's working for me. Also the tunic and leggings again! Thank God for boots in the winter. You look awesome by the way, I often think of what you would wear when I'm putting an outfit together

  2. you are so super styley! post partam or not!
    really diggin that last outfit on you too :)

  3. am I a nerd if I totally run out to farmers and get that tunic?? I'm going to. #3 is my fav - cuteness! I am right there with you at the's like a rebirth yourself fashion-wise. Damn all those ladies who just bounce right back *shakes fist*. Me, not so much. I too used to dig my waist and (for) now it is no longer there and most of my prebaby clothes look dire. It is hard to stay true to yourself and your style whilst still being comfortable, getting something that fits and provides easy boob access! #3. BOOM! PS. I love your hair. Fangirl.

  4. You look Fab! And I agree with you about the flattering thing - sometimes fun is more important, otherwise we'd always been in black clothes - how boring! Stuff Triny and whatsername!
    I think the third outfit is my fave.

  5. yep, I love the third one too! I find the squishy post baby belly the hardest to deal with... the disgusting way it flops over the top of anything on the bottom half, and yet wearing a dress to hide it isn't anywhere near as practical for feeding in. Ugh! what I have to look forward to again in a few short weeks huh?! Anyway YOU on the other hand are looking great ~ loving your hair!! xx

  6. oh, number 3 looks FAB!! good on you for being proactive about finding clothes to wear for this period. i tend to just plod along and feel yuck (honestly i feel like my tummy hangs out more NOW than it did a week after the birth!!)
    i'm so proud of you. and SO pleased sweet Mollie is feeling a little happier (dumb pinched nerve, how rude!)


  7. cute outfits! i barely even get changed out of my pajamas (yoga pants and a tank; a month PP). i have a few dresses and things that are okay for nursing in, but i need to broaden my skirt/top collection... you are awesome for even getting dressed, at this point ;)

  8. I totally agree with everything you said! After I had Isla I was like WHAT?! I expected to be fatter than I was, but I had also inherited my mothers body shape!! Totally changed. But I got used to it. Anyway ~ yes, outfit 3 is def my fav too, that tunic is great, and the cardi is a good length on you!

  9. Hi Rhiannon. Your blog is one of the many lovely blogs I enjoy reading as I struggle away at my office job. I just wanted to drop you a line after reading this post to say I think you always look lovely. You are such an original dresser, and are classically pretty to boot. Don't worry about the post baby body - you look fab. :-)

  10. I think you are doing so well! I have an eight months baby girl,my second, and I know what you are going through. You have the spirit. I used some pregnant tops and dresses at the begining, then I put some elastic to close my jeans, and before i knew it I have to take them off because they fit me again. The abdomen still bland and my waist it´s bigger than before, but changes are happening. Breastfeeding helps a lot loosing the extra weight and with time everything goes back to its place.