Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wardrobe (early) Wednesday

You would think, since this is my third baby, I would be onto it enough to have a post-partum/breastfeeding friendly wardrobe sorted. I'm not.
I thought I was pretty organised this time, but I guess I had forgotten quite how, erm, squishy and lumpy one is after having a baby. I also seem to have forgotten how easy-access things need to be when your little one feeds hourly! Buttons? No, thanks. Tight clothes? Heck, no.
I'm doing my best though. And trying not to just beat myself up for not fitting any of my regular clothes yet. I am, afterall, too busy with more important things. My time for seriously thinking about weightloss will come around soon enough.

So, outfits are less about style and more about practicality and comfort round here at the mo'. That's not to say we've resigned to pjs as daily wear, but there are certainly no fashion awards being won. I'm cool with that. I'm determined to make it work for me.

Cardi - Glassons $30
Top- Kmart $15
Skirt - Farmers $30
Tights - Glassons $15
Shoes - The Warehouse $15ish

Mollie-mol is all about the comfort (and warmth!) this morning too. Rockin' the trackies.


  1. Looking gorgeous Mama! Those tights are awesome. Miss Mollie looks very warm and delicious :)

  2. Love that your outfit is from all my favourite places to shop ;)

    Oh, and my daughter, Milla, had Mollies cardi too! My Mama knitted 2 for her! :) such a nice easy cardi to wear.

  3. Eep! I love those tights... I'ma get me some and be a copycat. I totally feel you though - I have (I am almost ashamed to say) resorted to putting comfy trackies and a feeding top on whenever I get into the house then reserving "normal" clothes for outdoor adventures/when I know people are coming over. Tis hard huh? I want and need to be spending all my energy on these two beautidul little people but there's always a little niggle about my appearance, just chipping away. Tell you what, goal of when you ladies come a-visiting this fair city later in the year to be comfortable in one fav piece of clothing from pre-babe? Fun goal, or torture, we'll see!
    PS. Mollie, embrace the trackpants-in-public while you can!

  4. PPS. your fringe looks good :)

  5. I just realised I can refer to you two as 'my girls'. Ha.

    You are both looking pretty cute.

  6. I totally nearly bought those tights a couple of weeks ago, and opted to buy chocolate instead. I've been kicking myself ever since. Totally hear you on the 'comfort and practicality' thing too! you're looking wonderful and Mollie is adorable. Hope you guys are feeling good?! xx

  7. great combo - I like the way you are using something comfy like tights to make a comfortable outfit more fun. Miss Mollie is rather delicious too!

  8. I have those tights! Isn't the print just great!
    You look awesome and your fashion is great, I slump round the house in trackies and uggboots most days! hahaha.