Friday, May 18, 2012

The journey...

This week we set about trying to find a solution to the issues we've been having. This involves trying a few things, obviously, to see what is going to work. Unfortunately trying also means not finding an immediate answer, or an immediate end to the tears (both hers and mine) that are being shed.

The first thing to be tried is/was spacing out breastfeeds to two-hourly.
Mollie has been feeding mostly hourly during the day (occasionally less, very rarely more) since she was born. Demand feeding, if you will.
My midwife suggested that perhaps her upset tummy might be due to not having enough time to settle between feeds, and that spacing feeds would allow both her belly and my nipples a bit of time to rest. She suggested trying a dummy (we call them 'bubbles' in our house) and warned me that it would be touch yakka for three days while she got used to waiting that bit longer.

It is safe to say two things:
1) It WAS definitely tough yakka.
2) Mollie HATES bubbles.
I tried every type of newborn pacifier you can buy in Whakatane (anyone need one? I have plenty of unused, they all come in packs of two!) and each and every time she screwed up her face and screamed even louder, until I gave up.
(I can't say I blame her, really. Those things have nothing on boobs. And where's the fun of drinking from an empty bottle?!)
I had help from family, who came and held her while I hung out washing and had showers, or just plain held her. So hard to hold a baby who thinks she is hungry when you smell like milk! And she didn't seem to be getting any more used to it.

We stuck it out for three and a half days. There were tears galore (far more than before, from both of us..), and no less puking/spilling/gagging/hiccuping. Yesterday, on the fourth day, I gave in. I got my boobs out, and decided that sometimes it's better to give in to instinct.

The poor wee mite is now on to the next step in the reflux journey - medication. We started Gaviscon today ( which comes with it's own issues! How does one get 15ml of liquid into the full belly of a babe? And how does it help when she just projectile pukes it back out?!) and have also made an osteo appointment for next week. Surely between the two of them they will ease things a little.
(In the meantime we'll just keep up our near-constant babywearing!)

I'm not sure about Mol, but I feel slightly better already, just feeling like I might actually be able to DO something about the pain. Fingers crossed!


  1. :o( big hugs to you guys!! Sounds like she's pretty bad ~ and it all sounds SO familiar to Archers journey.
    if she's just bringing up the Gaviscon, PUSH for Losec, honestly it's the best thing out there. it's little granules which can't be crushed or they don't work, which makes it a little bit tricker getting in but I used to give it to him in between sides/ after a little break for air(which he tended to like to do), and stops the actual acid production, so gets rid of the pain full stop (after the throat heals up of course which from memory took about 3 or 4 days) rather than just thickening everything up (which I think gaviscon does?? don't know...).
    Anyway, this helped us, but it's different for everyone aye. :o)
    Good luck and remember I'm only an email/fb/text away! xx

  2. Poor wee thing, it's hard for everyone when the only way to communicate is loud an long. Hope you hit on solution asap, I have heard good things about an upset baby getting an osteo realignment.
    I love and adore that photo of you two, so sweet and just like I HOPE motherhood is like ;) I'll take a bubble or two! Where did you get your wrap from?

  3. Oh goodness, poor Mollie and poor you! I really feel for you. I have heard Losec works wonders as well. Hopefully you get it sorted soon! Love the pic of you and your sweet babe :)

  4. Nawww petal! I don't think I can say anything that will aid or help you, but do so so wish for you guys a better week to come. None of my girls would take a 'bubble' and Fleur was a reflux babe, God how I wished she would have taken one though! As for Ginny....Still sucking away at night like my boobies are 'bubbles'! You are an amazing Mum doing the job of a saint! Sending our loves xx

  5. you are a hero Rhiannon! seriously.
    it's certainly not by chance that Mollie has you for her mama.
    hope something helps soon.

  6. big hugs xxx I have no advice - but just be kind to yourself! xxx

  7. Heya, firstly, congratulations! I rediscovered your blog after a few years and love your posts.

    Secondly, I hope you can find something that works for Mollie and you, too. I have 3 kiddies too and similar ages to yours - my youngest is 7 months now and those first few months were a blur, we are slowly emerging from the fog now ;) I just carried bub

  8. Oh Rhiannon, you are definitely a hero indeed! I second the advice for something stronger than Gaviscon, E and J were both prescribed it and it was not only a huge pain, it didn't work. But the other drugs (we used Zantac) kick reflux in the ass and take away baby's pain pretty quickly. Good luck! Hope you are doing okay. xx

  9. I'm like louana, no advice from me, but thinking of you guys and hoping it all settles very soon.
    xxx lots of love