Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not-so Wardrobe Wednesday.

 I had grand intentions of getting all dressed up (in normal clothes! A dress even!), putting some make up on, and participating in Wardrobe Wednesday today. Cause, you know, that would have been really impressive with a 10 day old, aye?
Alas, Mollie woke up in a please-don't-put-me-down-for-longer-than-a-minute mood, and also with a lovely dose of you-ate-something-that-doesn't-agree-with-me pukeyness. So my best intentions went out the window, such is life with a newborn!
Instead you get my third outfit for the day (other two covered in icky milkyness..) which consists of a black singlet (easy access to boobs!), black cardi, comfy skirt and ever-handy Moby style wrap. This thing is an absolute lifesaver, I tell you.

Since my outfit leaves a bit to be desired, I will include a picture of Mollie's too. Hers is significantly cuter.
Her hat was a gift from my friend Melissa, which  found in our letterbox this morning. Her cardi, a gift from Amy and her top and pants were hand-me-downs from my friend Hazel. So much girly-clothing gifting love happening at our house at the moment. I'll write more about that soon!

(Right now I'm off to walk another few laps of the yard to see if I can get Mollie-Mollie off to sleep again!)


  1. aww, she looks so snug wrapped up in there.
    (to be honest, when i first saw the top picture i thought you were wearing a blue singlet and Mollie's butt was your boobs! haha, got milk??!!)
    both of you ladies are looking lovely.
    hope you're getting some sleep at night? X

  2. Getting out of your PJs is impressive with a 10 day old in my book! You both look great :) Jenny

  3. Oh my goodness! Baby newness and tiny baby fingers! HKGJAHGKJHSAD!!

    So beautiful.

    Talia Christine

  4. aw how cute is that hat! \
    funny you referred to her as Mollie-Mollie cos the first time I saw her name I thought of Mollie-Ollie and thought to myself, THAT would totally be my baby pet name for her. I always had baby pet names for my kids..random ones at that.

  5. You both are looking happy and contented ~ gorgeous. Jx

  6. You both look great but Mollie is doing some serious upstaging there - that girl is adorable!

  7. haha Dee and ditto jenny! super cute all snugged up w mama!!!

  8. Oh my, I'm a bit behind! Congrats! And a girl! wheeeee I just went and read through your recent posts and loved your birth story. And the Lego review! :)

  9. delicious you and delicious her. nom nom nom. good work my friend! you're looking great!

  10. Just beautiful! And look at her amazing long legs & toes! Gobble gobble! Arrrgh Mother Erath makes us forget all to quickly the 'pick-up' demands of a new born! ...bless them! Sending our loves xx