Monday, April 30, 2012

Mollie's Chair : One week.

One week old.

I'm stealing Dee's idea (which she stole from over here..) and taking 'seat' photos.
I've seen a few other cute ways to keep track of their size (photographing in a washing basket, or with a certain toy etc) but this is by far the cutest, so I hope these ladies won't mind me jumping on the bandwagon x

(I tried to think of my own original way, but really the fog is thick at the moment and my brain is not capable. ha ha.)

Hopefully Mollie will enjoy the photos slightly more as she gets a bit bigger! Right now being put down at all is just not a fave!


  1. hello, Mollie! I agree, it' much nicer to be cuddling isn't it...
    ps. your yo-yo quilt is too awesome.

  2. Congratulations on your darling little girl. I very much enjoyed your birth story, as it can be such a wonderful experience for it to turn out how you planned (it took until my third to turn out how I wanted). Hope you are getting some rest and enjoying this special newborn time that just goes too quickly!

  3. cuteness. she's gorgeous, her outfit is very sweet, and yes, your yoyo quilt is too cool. i want to make one.

  4. Ditto to what Clare said! I have extreme quilt envy too :)