Friday, April 13, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - Forty weeks!

In celebration of my 'Due date', I took a few outfit photos yesterday.
I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, having gained quite a bit less weight than last time and still being able to fit some of my clothes. Hah. Still very much looking forward to having a bit more to choose from though.
My ability to 'savour' these final days/weeks of pregnancy is waning. The lack of sleep and the achy-bodyness of if all is starting to get me down a little, hence the quietness around these parts. I'm spending a lot of time just pottering around, distracting myself, rather than doing anything blog-worthy.

I do have a few things I'm hoping to fit in here before the babe arrives though, will see how that goes. For now, I'm off to bounce on my swiss ball and think baby thoughts!

Outfit deets:
Black cardi and singlet - Glassons $30 and $15
Brown skirt - at least 8 years old, op shopped somewhere. Probably around $2
Croutons brooch.
Bump - full term! Whoop!

(I'm feeling very stoked to have found a photo editing website to replace my beloved Picnik that closed this month. Hooray for Picmonkey, and for Stella for sending me their way!)


  1. Lots of baby thoughts coming your way :o) Good luck, you look fab by the way!

  2. I'm so excited and a little envious of you right now. You are sooooo much closer to meeting your little bean. I wonder what it'll look like ~ or if it's a boy or a girl ~ AHHHH the excitement!! Good luck lovely, you're looking beautiful. (as is you're Stag fire-guard?!? oh yes!). xx

  3. Well done beautiful lady! Thoughts of love to you! Hope all goes well for you and baby arrival! Whipeee, look forward to seeing some baby pics soon! exciting! xoxoxo

  4. You're looking great! What a beautiful bump.
    I hope everything goes well when it goes..
    Thanks for the info re picmonkey - I was wondering what I was going to do for photo editing!

  5. You look great! I was very sad to hear that Picnik is closing too (although yay for free premium until it does) - I also have now discovered picmonkey via Stella) - And yes that fireguard is awesome!

  6. You look lovely! I'm in the same boat (except 38 weeks along) and trying to make the most of the last few days of pregnancy too(likely will be having my breech baby on Tues. or Wed.). Thanks for the recommendation for picmonkey--was just searching today for a replacement for the beloved Picnik! Best wishes for your little one's impending arrival. xx

  7. You look beautiful!Thinking of you in these last days, wishing you an empowering and safe birth.

  8. You look fantastic! But what are the stag and you gazing at in the second photo? ;o)

  9. exciting times. best wishes if it hasn't already happened!