Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A review: LEGO city - By Aesop and I

The boys and I were lucky enough to be sent another Lego product to review recently - this time a Lego City set - 4434 Tipper Truck. I was so excited to tell them we were receiving it (and also secretly hoping they would let me help build it, the Lego City range might be my favourite that Lego makes!)

Aesop wrote the following, about the truck, on his blog:

'Hi guys here I am again!

This time I got a Lego City Dump Truck. It was really cool and my favourite pieces were the binoculars as the headlights.

It was really easy to build, it was so easy that I didn't even have to look at the instructions - I just had to look at the picture to see how it was constructed.

The best thing about it was that the back tips up and it can actually dump the load.

I would recommend this truck set to anybody (except babies).'

I think he sums it up quite nicely, really. The truck WAS lovely and easy to build, and it is extra cool that the tipper part of the truck actually pulls up and the back raises to release the load. It has awesome detail, right down the coffee cup on the dashboard, and the scale of it is perfect for smaller hands to 'drive' around the place.
I love that both the boys, despite being four and a half years apart, get equal enjoyment out of the City range. Some of the other sets are too tricky for Otto to help construct, and fall apart too easily when handled alot, but Otto had a great time building the people and adding the wheels etc. The truck is also yet to be dismantled and made into something else - a sure sign of a good design!

The best part though? The city range is totally within my price range. This truck retails for $39.99 which means it's not only something we can afford to buy as a special treat or birthday gift, but also something that is within reach for older kids to save up for themselves.
Good thinking Lego! As usual, you get two thumbs up from the Larsen household.


  1. Coolness :) Another on the list for lego loving nephew! Thanks for the review!

  2. Cool! We LOVE lego here!. That's pretty lucky being lego reviewers and getting sent the sets.. do you have to send them back?
    Awesome review.
    Hope you're well..

  3. We love the lego dump truck in our house! It's definately one of Finley's faves right now. The whole city range is really cool... think we are going to splash out and get him the fire truck next week as a special 'post-jabs' present. :o) xx

  4. ollie is getting this one for his birthday! I cant wait for him(me!) to put it together, he's already got the streetlight repair man set. too cool.