Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mollie's Chair : One month

1 Month Old
Well, 4 weeks actually, but it's almost the same.
I have no idea where these last few weeks have gone. They've been a bit of a tired haze, really.
Would you believe me if I told you I'm still not even sure it has sunk in that she's a she? (I'm not letting that stand in the way of making the most of cute girly clothes though.. )

Mollie is, obviously, having a few issues with reflux. She's not letting that stand in the way of weight gain though, she's now 10lb (she was 8lb13oz born) and starting to grow out of her newborn clothes. I'm sure she'll be a bundle of chins and rolls in no time!

(See week 1 here)


  1. Mollie is adorable, and I really really hope you settle into something good to help her reflux. I was told by my good friend whose bubba had reflux that all the advice she was given was "if its helping you'll know, you wont just think" and to keep pushing for something until you *know* that its working. If that makes sense?

    Much love to your wonderful family

    Oh, and I totally admire that yo yo throw in your chair photos :)


  2. i reckon there's a little hint of a smile from Miss Mollie there :))
    gorgeous babe. can't wait to meet her XO

  3. love her wee top and the pic with her big brother

  4. I want Mollie's top in my size. That is all. xx

  5. I love the face she always has on! "You want what from me?" so cute!

  6. Gorgeous baby girl. I'm still making the most of the cute girly clothes with my girl after 3 boys 2 and a half years later. I think it will last all through her childhood in fact. Love that fabric behind her too. Cx

  7. I so know what you mean about getting used to having a girl after 2 boys :)
    With my 3rd (first girl)I kept mistakenly referring to her as "him" confusing the heck out of people!
    Mummy brain extreme?! :)
    Mollie is adorable!

  8. She looks gorgeous :) Girly clothes are quite fun huh!? Even not real (pink sparkly etc) ones, but lovely fun ones!
    Love all her gorgeous blankets.

  9. Owww your kids are cute!...gobble gobble xx

  10. Hi Rhiannon, my wee boy had very similar issues and similar massive weight gain! The best advice I got was from a lactation consultant who said that over feeding is often a factor in reflux. Partly because their tummies get so full it overflows, but also because they only produce a certain amount of the enzyme needed to process the lactose in milk. Her advice was to only feed from one boob in a 6 hour period and pump off some of the foremilk which is high in lactose, that way they get more hindmilk which sustains them for longer and also is easier to digest. That really helped with Lachie, hope it might be helpful with Molly too! Here's the link with her info on: