Friday, October 7, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday.

I found this dress yesterday, while flicking through the racks at the Sallies. It has been awhile since I've found anything really decent in terms of clothing, so I was well pleased when the price tag said only $5.50. I had the boys with me, no time for trying it on, so I was even more happy to find it fit really well.
It quickly dawned on me though, that fitting really well isn't such a bonus when you have an ever-expanding belly and boobs. I figure it'll fit for about another week or two. Best make the most of it, aye!

Dress - Thrifted at the Sallies  $5.50
Belt - Borrowed/stolen from a friend.
Tights - About 6 years old, from Farmers. About $12
Flats - The Warehouse $17

(I say it has been awhile, but I did find an ELECTRIC blue, shiny, 80's prom dress the other day. With huge puff sleeves and a puffy skirt. That, alas, I also didn't try on and it is at least one size too small in the bodice. Which is a shame 'cause, you know, I have so much need for one of those in my wardrobe...)


  1. That dress is awesome. It really suits you and the shape is very flattering! You have skinny arms, those sleeves are great! The length is perfect. Green and black really suit you! Ok, I'll stop raving now! But you look really gorgeous x

  2. love the dress! Especially the sleeves, you look just lovely in it, I'm sure it will fit for longer than a couple of weeks. What a score!

  3. Even if it only fits for a couple of weeks, it is definitely one to keep for after the bub is born! Great find. :)

  4. the colour is beautiful on you Rhiannon, and I don't mind if you need me to borrow it from you for another 6 months or so.

  5. you're so darn cute. I love the dress, it's perfect :o)

  6. You look amazing! That is all.