Friday, October 21, 2011

Tick, tick, tick.

The hormone-induced crazy has officially set in.
I walked past the window of the op-shop today (after going in, of course.. I can't pass a second hand store by!) and spotted this clock. It's beautiful, right? It had a tag on it that said it worked perfectly, had the winding key etc, and it was even fairly cheap. Any clock lover would have been sold on it.
And that there is the problem, I don't like clocks. I don't like the ticking! I can't stand it, in fact.
(And, to make things worse, this one chimes every fifteen minutes?!)
BUT I knew, the minute I saw it, that I needed this clock. It called my name. It was like fate. And I wasn't going to feel happy until I had it in my sweaty little mitts.

That, my friends, is how I know that the pregnancy insanity seems to have well and truly arrived.

Now that I have this noisy wee clock in my house, I need to figure out quite how on earth to get it to tell me the time. At the moment it seems to tick in double speed, and chimes a different time than it shows. Do of you happen to secretly be clock experts?


  1. I love this clock! Lucky you, what great find :)

  2. i cannot stand a clocks ticks, if i stay somewhere and they have one I have to move it out of the room ! (bedroom that is, thats where they tick the loudest ...)

  3. It's lovely! Perhaps you could just refuse to wind it - have the pretty clock but without the ticking! I think my Grandpa had one very similar, tis swell!

  4. It's a beautiful clock. Ticking clocks remind me of afternoons in my grandparents' living room. I like that it seems to be acting kinda crazy.

  5. my Mum has a clock like that...and funilly enough some little deer like yours living in one of her pot plants...I 'may' need to rescue them! Can't help you with the chimes sorry, but I can tell you that the more children I have the worse the weird hormone thing became...honest the stories I could tell about my weird preggy obsessions! xx