Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A birthday.

On Friday I turned 27.
In all honesty, I expected it to be a bit of non-event. I've been feeling lousy as anything the past six weeks, and didn't see why my birthday would/could/should affect how I felt.
BUT, pleasantly enough, I felt the best I've felt in ages.
My day was filled with my first midwife visit (I love love my new midwife. Love her.), lunch with my SIL and the cutest niece in the world, presents, flowers and love. We were given some fresh fish, which Abraham crumbed and we devoured with some bought chips, down by the water. Delightful!
I also went out (!!) that evening and saw Anika Moa play. By golly she is wonderful, who knew?

Saturday was filled with in-laws and gardening. For me these two go very much hand-in-hand. My Mother-in-law and her partner have wonderfully green thumbs. I was privileged enough to receive their help getting our Summer garden ready. Will show you what went in in another post!
We also ate amazing food (pumpkin soup and scones, and roast chicken!) and chit-chatted the day away. Also glorious.

One of the most exciting things about my birthday though? Wee bump is now 12 weeks old! Second trimester here we come! Keeping my fingers crossed this means a few more 'good' days thrown in each week from now on. I'll take what I can get!


  1. So lovely to see you back here Rhiannon! And yay for second trimesters and lovely birthdays!

    p.s. seriously cutely dressed Otto in these pics!

  2. I have bump envy. serious bump envy. also I thought your vase was celery. I really did. Glad to see you're feeling better lovely lady. & welcome to the 27 club! xxx

  3. Happy birthday spring chooky. CUTE as bump!

  4. Gorgeous flower, gorgeous skirt, gorgeous bump! And man, are you only 27! I feel ollllld :)

  5. What a beautiful day and what a beautiful bump...so pleased you are feeling better. Oh to be 27! Jxx