Monday, August 22, 2011

Double Cord.

Otto received a parcel last week.
In it was the most adorable little cord jacket I have ever seen.
It seemed only natural to pair it with some darker cord pants, and his red lady-bird boots (which I somehow didn't get in the photo).
He looked like a proper little old man, and by the end of the day he even had a bunch of old coins in one pocket, and a tissue in the other! All he was missing was a few lint-covered mints!
Thanks so much, Dee. We all love it.

Also, I heartily recommend that you all head over to Stella's blog, and enter her giveaway. That woman is one of the cleverest I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and she's generous to boot. You won't believe what she's giving away! (And, if you're not a reader already, I almost guarantee you will be soon..I LOVE that blog, and you will too.)


  1. cuuuute! it literally jumped off the rack screaming "OTTO!!!" at me so i really had no choice! (sorry i didn't notice the missing buttons though.. :( )

    want me to send you some mints to get linted too??


  2. Love it! Very very cute.Bet it's so warm and comfy too.

  3. it's adorable! both the jacket and Otto ;)

  4. Aww shucks! Thanks Rhiannon! And boy oh boy does little Otto look cute!! Better still, you get to dress another little bub in that jacket - woop woop! (see how excited I still am?)

  5. That's divine, the jacket is pretty cool too. J.x

  6. Oh, my godness! Super cute jacket on a super cute boy!