Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have a certain order of things that I look at when I go to the Salvation Army.
I start at the cardigans. After a quick flick through, I head onto the dresses. This section takes a little longer, I make sure to look at each one so that no potential is missed. From there I go to the $1 rack, looking for things to alter or restyle, then onto the kidswear, kitchenware, linen, and then skirts.
I almost never look through the tops, I mostly only wear plainish tops and they rarely turn up in good condition. I also skip the undies, the toys, the menswear, and the pants.
Where am I going with this?
Well, another section I nearly always skip is the artwork. They have a strange pricing system at the Sallies, and even hideous 80's prints in plain glass frames are, nearly always, priced at $20 or more. The kitschy religious prints are usually more like $30. Not my price bracket!

Yesterday I was wandering through, doing my usual circuit, and I happened to see four huge paintings sitting by the backdoor, waiting to come out into the shop. A gold frame caught my eye, and I decided to hang around a few minutes and see what they were like.

The other three were not in such great condition, but this one I reallllly liked. (I expected it would be a case of just liking the frame, but I'm actually quite taken by the print, too. ) I was chit-chatting with the woman at the counter, and asked about the price. I joked that it was bound to be way, way out of my price range. She said she wasn't sure, headed out the back, and came back grinning.
UM, yes?!

I have no idea where we will hang it, our house is a little short of wall space, but I am determined.
Also, I think it would look absolutely amazing with a wee Dee-style modification, perhaps an octopus reaching out of the depths? Or do you think it should stay as it is?
Either way, I think I may just have to add the art section into my rounds from now on..


  1. Oh yes!!! Do it.../..I can so see an octopus gripping the ship. Love it!

  2. scoooooooore!
    yip a Dee-transformation would be awesome!

  3. OMG yes! octopus, octopus!! Sides from that, I love it as is too. A-MA-ZING.

  4. Love this!!!! With or without a transformation! What an amazing score!

  5. I do so love scoring at the thrift store! And I think an octopus or some flying fish would not go amiss here!