Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have been putting some thought into how my stall is going to look.
When the first few markets I ever did with Toast stuff, were called 'Craftwerk' and were down in Wellington. They were held in either the Paramount theatre, or a one of the pubs (Southern Cross, I think it was called? Something like that..). They had a fairly 'punk-rock-meets-housewife' feel to them, no one had super polished stalls and fancy-pants presentation.
When Craft2.0 started a lot of the people who went to the first one were sellers from Craftwerk. The venue, and the audience were quite a bit flasher, but the stalls were still quite simple.
Last year, when Kristin and  I went to Craft2.0, I was shocked by how much effort people had put into display. I mean, it makes sense, but I was totally taken aback. And felt quite out of place with our little table cloth and clothing rails.

One thing I knew I wanted this time was a banner. I want people to know who I am! I think these bunting sum me up pretty well.
The other mental note, that I took at the last one, was really clear pricing. (I especially noticed that at the Emma Makes stall. She is the queen of markets.) So I'm hoping these wee price cards will help with that.
(These are just the practise ones, the real ones will be a bit tidier..)

Now I just need to source a white table cloth and some brown paper bags. I'm feeling relatively organised!
(As long as I ignore the huge piles of sewing that seem to grow, rather than shrink..)


  1. Love that bunting!!! I sourced paper bags very cheaply from our supermarket, have you tried there? Good luck at the market!

  2. Thanks! That's very kind of you and I LOVE your price cards. Anything with a doily rules. On Trade Me look up member 'scp7' - that's where I got my brown paper bags and they delivered the next day.

  3. Love the rounded edges on your bunting. Very cute.

  4. The bunting is very you. I use a plain white sheet as a table cloth, just fold under or sew the edges nicely.

  5. Loooooove the bunting. Yes, the rounded edges are rad. Can't wait to see a pic of your stall all set up - it's going to look gorgeous! x

  6. yip yip, love the bunting. you are a very clever cookie. And yes! I remember feeling so overwhelmed by everyones presentation at craft 2.0. and here's me with my dungery rack that threatened to commit suicide whenever someone looked at what was on it. hah!

  7. I love your displays especially that bunting! Sometimes simple is better. Personally I'm more drawn to simple, pretty and honest looking things.

  8. Your stall will be lovely to browse. I really like the doily displays. And all the pretty fabrics in your bunting.