Monday, August 15, 2011

Boy Style Monday.

Seeing as I have all my days muddled up at the moment, thought I might as well throw a 'Boy style' day in too!

This is what my boys chose to get dressed in yesterday. Hard to believe I have two boys that are old enough to choose their own outfits!

Aesop wore:
Sunnies : Salvation army
Thermal (under jumper): MacPac
Hoodie: Farmers
Trackies: Farmers
Shoes: The Warehouse

Otto chose:
Sunnies: Mine from when I was a tweenager.
Thermal (under his jumper): Great outdoors
Jumper: Home made
Leggings: Squidgyums
Shoes: The Warehouse


  1. damn! they are some styley little ones you've got there! must be in their genes.

  2. I think I've said this before: but if I had ovaries, they'd be aching by now.

    Those are so cuuuuuuuuute kids. Well done, Rhubarb.

  3. Um, cute! Damn! Wish I could steal Otto's entire outfit right now!

  4. 1/. Aesop is awesome.
    2/. Otto'd mullet is perfect
    3/. We should hang out soon so our kids can be styling together. x

  5. 4/. otto'd ??? I need to proof read.

  6. LOVE! So freakin adorable. Maybe i need to do some boy style