Sunday, July 31, 2011

Findings and precious gifts.

The last few times we have been op shopping in Tauranga have been really disappointing, so I didn't have high hopes for Friday. I thought I would be lucky if I found a few bit of fabric (I rarely don't find at least one piece!). But I was pleasantly surprised with my little bundle.
I didn't find any fabric, as such, but did find a wee stack of vintage sheets. I'm really picky when it comes to linen, but was really happy to see that these were in pretty much unused condition. Stoked! The pillow cases will find their way to our bed, and the sheets will be used as fabric.
The wallpaper is just handy to have around the place, for wrapping gifts and parcels etc. Especially at a dollar a roll!
The bag is super soft leather, with big stitching, and a really nice size. And I needed a new bag, I don't have many (aye, Abraham? haha). The jewellery was a bit out of my normal rice range, but seriously? A HUGE painted wooden necklace, and fur earrings? Who could refuse? (Sorry bunnies.)
The test tubes are a strange purchase, I know. I figure if Aesop doesn't use them for science experiments then I could always replicate this, and have a Real life pin!

Also during our trip to Tauranga, I picked up a wee basket full of goodies that were given to me by Abraham's Mum's cousin (what does that make her to me? I just call her cousin Cheryl!). She came to visit with us a few months ago and  noticed my full china cabinet. She decided to add a few treasures to our family collection, from hers. So lovely!

She wrote me a wonderful card all about where the cups came from, and even included the little notes that came along with them, and a photo of the lady who gave them to her! Such treasures.
The glasses she won in a dancing competition as a teenager in the 60's! I especially love them and their little retro sayings  'Don't knock the rock', ' Rock around the clock', 'Giddy-up a ding dong' and 'See you later alligator'! I'm a very lucky lady.


  1. nice finds! and I love that blue and gold tea set :) x

  2. I miss op shopping in Tauranga, did you go to any at the Mount? I love the little church ones!