Monday, July 25, 2011

50c mixture sort of day.

 (This picture is a, rather self indulgent, picture of my outfit for today. It's completely unneccessary to the blog post, and huge to help with the blurriness, but I like it. That's also a new skirt, yes it is. It's a little snug, but I don't mind.)

I'm not sure if I can say what sort of day it has been yet, it's only lunchtime, but I have a feeling I will be able to call it a bit of a muddly, 50c mixture sort of a day.
It's one of those days where the weather is on the verge of turning to custard, you're not sure whether to put washing out or not, the kids routine is all up the wazoo and you're in between projects and are not sure quite where to start. It's a day where things are so out of routine, that you even feel like blogging for the first time in donkey years! But, most importantly, it's a day that's perfect for op shopping.
I picked the kids up from Mum (they stayed with her last night. Glorious!), and drove alllllmost all the way home. We got to the end of our street, and I decided to detour to the oppies, just for a few minutes. Well, it's safe to say I'm glad I did.

 Vintage crochet booties, in the softest yarn known to man. You know, for my imaginary third child.
 The two most fabulous fitting skirts I have tried on for some time. No altering needed, and in relatively plain colours too. Jackpot!
 A vintage Hanes tee for Aesop, and a gloriously patterned jumper for that imaginary child (oh shush Abraham, if it doesn't happen I'll open a retro kids shop or something. HA.)
 Crafty stuff. Fabric, super lovely soft and thick wool, a pillow case and some doilies.
 Men's jumpers in delightful patterns, for an upcycle project I have in mind.

As for the 'inbetween projects' comment, I'm not really.. only sort of. What I mean to say is that I'm busy stocking up for a market next month, making everything in batches, and I'm inbetween batches. The bags are done (photos later, maybe?) and I finished the rosette brooches last night. Now I need to finish scaling my pants pattern before making a few baby pants, tops and dresses. I am setting big goals for myself knowing that, if things don't sell, my Felt shop will lovely and full. (I'm considering opening a Crouton Etsy shop too. Thoughts?)
Anywho, it's nice to be around these parts, feels like it's been ages (wonder why?), it's nice to 'see' you guys again.


  1. You look great, I love the skirt. Good scores at the oppy! And those brooches are looking VERY cool. They look so good all together like that. I can.not.wait to see the bags eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! x

  2. you're so rad.
    loved the 50c mix post :)


  3. That skirt is nice as. Nice AS!

    That looks like a Kea Scout t-shirt. Wonder if it is, both are pretty cool.

    And would the adult jumpers fit me by any chance? Heh heh.

    Nice to see your blog again - keep going :)

  4. sounds like how I'm feeling today, but without all the great opshop finds, lucky you.

  5. you look so beautiful- i love this photo of you.

  6. I love your rosettes. So pretty!

  7. Hello fellow Pinterester! Thank you for following. I like your blog, and thos rosettes are very, very pretty!!! (And you are, too!)