Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of Aesops school holidays, so Abraham took the day off and we went on a little adventure. A mini road-trip!
We hopped in the car first thing in the morning, and drove through to Te Puke, where we stopped for some morning tea and to visit their three op shops. Then we drove on through to Tauranga, where we did a bit more op shopping, and visited with Abraham's Mum and her partner.
The place they are staying is one of the most incredible, muesum-like, places I have ever been. They live with an elderly relative who, it would appear, has never thrown a thing out in her life. And she used to be a dress maker.. 'nuff said. It is like heaven.
It was also really fascinating for the kids, because as well as a tortoise shell and stuffed peacock in the lounge (?!) and a yard full trees to climb and pick fruit off, Kaye and Chris have put in a lovely big chicken run. I always feel a mixture of happy and sad when our kids visit places like that, they love it so much, but it's definitely not something we have at home. Part of me would love to live slightly out of town, with a sprawling yard filled with animals and plants... but I just can't see it happening.

Our day ended eating Burger Fuel, over-looking the water. What a treat. The whole day was such a treat.

(I'll post some photos of my few purchases tomorrow..)


  1. oooh, i loved your Friday too~~
    can't wait to see your goods.


  2. lovely, sounds like such a cool house, I mean a stuffed Peacock!!