Thursday, October 13, 2011

Around the place.

(A few snaps taken while I was tidying..)

The weather this week, and my mood, have mostly only been good for pottering around home. I've managed a bit of Spring cleaning, a bunch of crossword puzzles, and that is about all.
(Other than a lot of internetting, and worrying about devastating current events, of course.)

I'm having severe 'Aesop's school holidays have been pretty crap' guilt, so tomorrow we might have to do something super doooooper exciting. Any ideas?


  1. Well you could beat the feet down to Filly (Feilding) & check our 'rural day'!!! Glad to see someone else say's super doooooper & collects boarder line scary old school vintage dolls! xx

  2. please pass the tidying vibes this way? I can't WAIT for kindy to go back ~ F has watched waaay too many DVD's this week! stupid rain.

  3. What filter did you use on those pics Rhubarb?

    I reckon a walk along the beach while you still can would be a cool idea for them. Then ice creams on the way home.

  4. ooo that radio is really awesome!! xkim