Thursday, October 27, 2011


Top Knotted felted beanie
Hand Knitted Tab Front Top
Merino baby vest
Pretty 'Children at play' sundress!
Wild Ones - Monster Hat

I've started dreaming of things for the new little one.
We have everything we really need, but a few more woollens certainly won't go astray with a mid/end of April bub. Just need to find some money now.
Luckily wishing is free....

(The wee hat/hood in the corner is obviously for the bigger small one, think Otto might need this, or something similar, for Christmas!)


  1. love that oscar and george stuff!!
    and thanks for the link :)

  2. I think that little singlet down the bottom is eithr on my wishlist or I considered it. My gran made me like 5 of those tab front jerseys but they are in 12 month size or I'd offer you one. But I have the pattern if you want a copy to make one in teeny baby size. It should work if you just use 4 ply.

  3. Gotta love pretendy internet shopping xx