Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boy Style Friday.

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. Then the certainty turned to wishing. So, I've decided I'll still go on ahead and post a Boy Style Friday post anyway. You guys are okay with that, aye?

I tried really hard to get a decent picture of the boys together this week. This was as good as it got. (Don't ask why Aesop is pulling that face.. I asked him to 'smile normally'!)
This was what the boys chose to wear to the scan (or 'see baby, eat lollipop' as Otto refers to it).

Sunglasses - found them on the road.
T-shirt - Cotton On kids via Nana
Shorts - Farmers (1/2 price sale, of course!)
Jandals - The Warehouse.

Otto :
Sunglasses - mine from when I was 12 (and very into Kurt Cobain!)
T-Shirt and pants - made by me.
Jandals - The Warehouse

And because that picture wasn't super awesome, I took a photo of what Otto wore to his homecare yesterday.

Hat - Gifted to Aesop by Mum and Dad's neighbours son, about 5 years ago.
Sunglasses - I think there were my sisters when she was in high school (a little while ago now..)
T-shirt - made by me.
Shorts - T&T via Nana.

And, for good measure, this is what Otto wanted to wear to homecare. It's meant to be for a 9 month old baby, and was one of the very first items of baby clothes I ever owned, before Aesop was even conceived.
Funny little boy.


  1. YOu have made the coolest tops for Otto, I want some for you make to order????????????????? xxxxxxxxxxxx