Monday, November 21, 2011

Snippets of my week.

Just popping in with a few wee glimpses of the past week. In no particular order:

Saturday night was our Playcentre 'Wine down' end of year party. We got dressed up, ate curry and had a few giggles. It was a much more, erm, sober event for me this year but I still managed to go to bed entirely too late and am still paying for it!

Last week Aesop's school had their production, to celebrate the opening of their new hall. Aesop had a narrating part and did SO well. He didn't even need his cue cards! Proud as punch!

On Friday I spent part of the day with these lovely ladies. We talked babies, of course.

Santa came early for us this year. My parents, very kindly, bought us a new outdoor table and chairs for Christmas and decided we might as well have them for the pre-xmas bbqs, too. Don't mind if we do, thanks!

I'll probably get in trouble for posting this one, but weekend-morning cuddles are a firm fave in our house. Aesop isn't often keen to take part, but Otto delights in the snuggling.. and the jumping, hiding, joke telling, etc of course!

Today, so far, has consisted of hanging out with Otto Snotto and listing things on Felt. I've finally managed to get a little organised, there are 8 new bags listed and loads of brooches and necklaces relisted. I may be a little biased, but I think they'd make great Christmas gifts : ) Hint hint.

We're off to have our 20-week scan tomorrow, so I might even back be soon to tell you how it goes. I'm not sure why, but I'm very nervous.


  1. I'm so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to find out either what you're having too! ~ it might get me motivated for some bubba sewing. hah!

    (and maaaaaan ~ our heat pump is uuugly. awesome backdrop!)

  2. Scans always make me nervous too! Not to mention, my twenty week scan was 45 minutes late. Good think my bladder didn't explode.

    Wishing you all the best with your scan. Hope your little one puts on a show for you like mine did. :)

  3. gorgeous pics!
    love your dress in the one with dee and k! beautiful!
    that yellow bag is soooo pretty!

  4. oooh look at all you girlies and your cute as baby tums!!! So cool to see a pic of you guys together!

  5. Whoop whoop for your puku app tomorrow. Love those bags. I've just finally updated my felt store too! Must be something in the water. Love that pic of the three of you all togeather, I had no idea how tall Dee is! lol