Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty things - Part 2.

Just a few more snippets of the house today - the next post will be the kitchen (so many photos, so much goodness, so hard to choose which to post!). I might leave that til after the weekend though, and delight (hah!) you with the wee fashion show tomorrow.
(I also have need to ask some fashion advice - put your Gok hats on ready, please.)

 ( Love the little handi-craft things like these flowers - must have taken so long to shape them out of the old chocolate wrappers!)

 (A little bit creepy, but this is another this that must have been pretty magical to look at as young kids!)

 (The phone corner!)

(A blue loo. Such great colour choices. Love it.)


  1. Loving it all! Can't wait for the kitchen.......

  2. wow, there are some real gems in that home!!

    and i remember having to SIT STILL and actually concentrate on what the person was saying while talking on the phone! haha~

  3. I don't know why, but I really like the last photo! And there are some gorgeous fabrics around in this home. And the candy wrapper flowers are so pretty! I am thoroughly enjoying this tour. Thank you!