Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bump - 18 weeks.

 Another thing that brings home the reality of a trio of kids - the bump is growing!
(or at least my stomach muscles can't hold my belly in anymore! )
I'll be 18 weeks on Friday and the morning sickness seems to have all but left me, my energy levels are rising (slowly), and there is definite movement happening on a more regular basis. Very exciting!

I've had to break out the 'maternity' wear much early this time (this is the much slimmer/smaller me at 19 weeks with Otto. Thanks, lack of stomach muscles.) and am working hard to adding to the collection. My pregnancy with Otto was mostly over the cooler months, so I find myself lacking mid-Summer gears. Safe to say this Summer will be ALL about the dresses.
(Note to self: I really much hurry up and find zipper/buttonhole feet for my Bernina so I can get sewing!)


  1. Your bump is so cute and small!

  2. You still look pretty tiny to me mumma! But you've seen that preggo pic of me...hrrrm yes... Anyway, that is a lovely photo! Good luck finding/making dresses!

  3. gorgeous pic! love the bump, lighting and the dress :)
    how IS your Bernina??? have you used it at all yet?
    you know i paid more to replace the cord than you did for your whole machine!! haha, still can't believe that score... SO amazing!

    can't WAIT to see you and yer bump next Fri. YAYAYAYYYY


  4. You look adorable! And I think you look smaller in that picture than the other!!!

  5. here I was thinking you were only 2 months ahead of me and it's a whole 10 weeks!! man that's gone fast! Can't wait to see you and Dee and your beautiful bellies next week!! xx

  6. Sweet little bump....Sweet frock too there

  7. You are tiny for 18 weeks! I was bigger than that for my second one haha! You look gorgeous, can't wait to see what summer dresses you will be wearing in the next few months!