Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a...

Well, it's a surprise, actually.
The wee one was feeling so shy at the scan this morning that he not only did he or she not reveal a gender, but we didn't even get a peek at a little face!
I have to go back to get a few more measurements in a few weeks (that's normal, right? I hope so!) but not we're thinking it might actually be nice to have a wee surprise. Funny how you can be so sure of something one day, and completely change your mind the next!

So, my big plans to sort through all the baby clothes, and make some room in the closet, has been
foiled. I also won't be splashing out on new gender-biased clothing in the near future! Le sigh.

But really, I've nothing to complain about - I counted two arms, two legs and the right number of everything else. That's far more important than any sorting and shopping I can, or can't, do! Feeling very lucky indeed x


  1. I'm sure there isn't anything to worry about. They had to take so many measurements at my 20 weeks scan, it took forever and I nearly had to go back too as bubba wouldn't show them their spine properly. I had to keep rolling over onto my sides for them to try and get a look at it and in the end bubba stopped moving long enough that they got the pics.

    Funny how bubba had made the decision for you. We decided not to find out, so they kept the image away from that region all together so as not to ruin the surprise.


  2. Yeah, they had trouble getting one measurement with me too, just the position the baby was in. That is a super cute foot :)

  3. So happy for you for all the arms and legs etc, that's great news :) Fingers crossed for getting the measurements at the next scan, and maybe seeing a little face too! At my 20 week scan I was amazed how we could see the brain, fascinating.

  4. I had six scans between 20 weeks and Willow's birth, and we couldn't make out the gender in ANY of them! So she was a surprise, and it was actually a really special moment - when I recovered my senses and remembered to have a look, several minutes after she was born :)

  5. Awwwwwww feet! little baby feet! love xxx

  6. Gorgeous wee scan photo! I framed my sons foot scan before he was born, people thought I was weird :D Kinda am.
    Congratulations on the healthy bubby :)