Sunday, November 13, 2011

A virtual fashion show.

The title of this post could quite easily also be ' Three million awkward pictures of Rhiannon'. Because, frankly, they all seem a little that way. But it's all about the dresses anyway, right?

This one is actually not thrifted, it's from Glassons. I know you can't hear my tone of voice in typing, but if you could there would be a hint of surprise in that sentence. It's been quite awhile since I bought more then singlets from Glassons, the fashion the past few seasons has been unsuited to my body shape as well as to my taste.
I love the way this dress comes up at the sides though, leaving enough fabric at both the front and the back for a bit of modesty. Hoping it should fit right up until the last month or so.

I love the idea of this dress. The print is awesome, the button up front will come in very handy, the length is good.. but those sleeves might need tweaking. It came with shoulder pads (ick!), so the shoulders are cut a little too wide, and I feel like that length of sleeve makes me look a little boxy. Might resew the shoulders and halve the length, methinks.
This one was from an op shop in Te Puke, for a whopping $7.

I feel like this one could do with a little altering, too. The print is very overwhelming so I'm thinking it might be a case of a few inches off the bottom, and slightly shorter sleeves. You reckon?
It'll be more of a post-babe dress anywho, the fabric is a lil heavy for Summer and it's also going to be too snug in the, erm, chest soon.
This one was another from the Te Puke op shop, $6.

Love this one. Dresses like this are pretty much the ideal round-home-and-to-the-supermarket day attire for me. I love the someone has put heavy duty domes with faux-buttons on top, to avoid accidental gapings ( sewing them shut, ala Dee, works great too. But not so much when it comes time for breastfeeding!).
Also from the Te Puke op shop, $6.50

Another non-thrift job. I've been looking for maxi dresses for awhile now, without much success. They all seem to be either a) too flouncy b) a horrendous print or c) too short. This one seems to mostly stay out of those categories, and has a drawstring waist, which will come in handy as the belly grows.
I got it (on special) at Postie, $44.95.

Did you make it through all of that?
If so, I also have a quick question for you. I need a wee bit of advice.
Can/should pregnant woman wear high-wisted skirts? I'm still trying to decide if it works, seeing as, obviously, I'm kind of without a waist at the moment.
They seem to look great from the front, but I wonder if they just look a little 'tenty' from the side?

(Cardi from Abraham's Nana, singlet from Glassons, Belt from The Warehouse, skirt from Abraham's great Aunty and shoes, only in the first picture hah, The Warehouse.)


  1. Love!! Thanks for the show!!
    I think they all look fab, and will look better with the little adjustments you mentioned!
    Love the purply blue dress on you!

    I think you can totally do the tucked in waist with belt for a bit longer yet! Go for it!!


  2. Oh man, these dresses are RAD! The maxi and the blue tartan are my faves and look stupendous on you! As for the high-waisted skirt thing - I've had the same question, but have been going for it and receiving lots of compliments that I don't usually get, haha! So I say, do it! Dresses tend to 'tent' over preggers bellies anyway (well, in my case they do), and the belt seems to pull it all in a bit around the waist so that its actually more apparent that you're pregnant...

  3. I like the high-waisted skirt over the belly. I'm totally going to do it when mine grows bigger! I also love your finds. Very jealous of anyone that can pull off a maxi dress ~ I'm just too short for that carry on!

  4. I love all your styley dresses, I never manage to find vintage ones that look good on me. BTW I think that skirt looks great on a belly with a baby in it.

  5. you look gorgeous, and i love your finds. have a look at for some vintage preg-wear inspiration, i'm not spamming you, it's a blog i follow and if you look at her posts in 2010 you'll see some of her outfit posts while preg. i personally thought she looked awesome.

  6. ok! I found the post i was thinking of, of the blogger i mentioned above, preg and wearing is the link