Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bunking up.

Last weekend our boys got new beds. Well, bunks actually!

Bunks were inevitable for us. We just don't have the space in our house for three single beds and, while we don't own the house, there was no chance of us doing anything tricky like hanging beds or lofts.
We decided against the tubular steel bunks, and opted for the more sturdy wooden ones. This meant it worked out easier (and not much more expensive) to buy them new, rather than second hand. We found a store in Tauranga that imports them for a lot less than the stores sell them for, which meant we could afford to just have them couriered to us. Handy!

The boys are well stoked with them. Otto has adjusted to being a new room without any hiccups, and Aesop is yet to fall down the ladder in the middle of the night (touch wood!). It's also kind of cute to hear them chit chatting away for ten minutes after bedtime.
I get the feeling sharing a room is going to be good for these two.

(You know what this means though, aye? We are actually having three children. EEEEK. It's all starting to feel a bit real now!)


  1. maaan, we really need bunks. Totally don't trust Finley not to fall out of them yet though...!

  2. Lovely!! The bunks look great (esp. with those beautiful quilts on them!), and so excited that you will soon be a family of five - woop!

  3. They look grat, way nicer than tubular ones and I bet you'll need them to be sturdy when two (mayb three?) boys growing up on them. Although I think #3 is a girl...

  4. Oh those quilts are SO gorgeous xox

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